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Bill Of Materials

Mar 15, 2017
Bill Of Materials
  • Printed Circuit Board: Oshpark.com: OSH Park ~ PW3B-LPF-OS

    3 for $18.30
    shipping included


    qty.1: LT1351CN8#PBF-ND, Digikey (Do not buy SMT parts!)$4.65 ea.
    qty.1: LT1352CN8#PBF-ND, Digikey (Do not buy SMT parts!)$7.64 ea.
    Digikey total: $12.29
    + ship
    qty.1: 5K dual gang, linear taper (FREQ) (will suggest Mouser options)
    qty.1: 10K dual gang, linear taper (RESONANCE) (will suggest Mouser options)
    qty.2: 50K linear taper (BASS, MIDS) (will suggest Mouser options)
    Vol and/or Blend pots are user's choice. A concentric 50K/50K linear pot can be used for Bass and Mids if desired.

    For a starter stompbox build or for a plate/pickguard mount these will work OK:

    qty 1: 652-PDB182-K220K502B
    qty 1: 652-PDB182-K220K103B
    qty 2: 652-PDB181-E420F503B

    Mouser.com Bill of Materials for all other components: Click here for Mouser Project Manager.
    Cut and paste access code:

    The current BOM includes the more expensive potentiometer options from Mouser. Be sure to verify component fit for your specific installation.

    Mouser total: $42.51
    Screenshot of .xlsx file attached to this page:


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