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Gear Reviews

Bass Guitars

4.2/5, 5 Reviews
Is your bass too heavy? Is it too big? The...
Made by the French luthier Christophe Leduc....


5/5, 1 Review
The Darkglass effects, Vintage Microtubes and...
5/5, 1 Review
The workhorse, the locomotive
5/5, 1 Review
Class D Bass 420w amp

Cabs and Combos

Rated at 250W (8 ohms), the RM-MAG-115...
410 cab with tweeter and vents


Bass octave pedal with two octave voices,...
Strymon Deco Stompbox - Tape Saturation and...
1.5/5, 2 Reviews
Big giant piece of junk destined for a landfill.

Bass Guitar Strings

M3075 - Long+
3/5, 1 Review
Brutal sounding flatwounds for everyone who is...
Nickel Roundwound Balanced Tension 45–107