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Gear Reviews

Bass Guitars

5/5, 1 Review
4 string nuclear green
5/5, 1 Review
4.6/5, 5 Reviews
Modulus Quantum 5 five string bass with...


Class D power amp and preamp
5/5, 1 Review
Compact head with tube preamp and class D power

Cabs and Combos

5/5, 1 Review
Lightweight 500 watt combo amp loaded with one...
4.4/5, 5 Reviews
Versatile RUMBLE for practice, rehearsal or...
4.5/5, 4 Reviews
Soft covers for amps and combo's


4/5, 1 Review
Analog tube amp modeler pedal. You craft your...
4/5, 1 Review
Stereo Synthesizer Emulator Pedal
Strymon Deco Stompbox - Tape Saturation and...

Bass Guitar Strings

1/5, 1 Review
Chinese strings that can be had for around...
4.5/5, 2 Reviews
Steel hex core with nickel-plated windings
M3075 - Long+