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  1. Electro-Harmonix Bass Preacher

    EHX's bass optimized take on their Soul Preacher.
  2. Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar bass

    5 string active Squier bass with Jaguar body.
  3. 5-string "THE ELEGANCE PURPLE HEART" by Kudritsky Custom Guitars

    The Alex Kudritsky named this model “THE ELEGANCE PURPLE HEART” for it’s slick looks, and purple heart top, selection of naturally aged exotic tone
  4. Ampeg Heritage B15N

    B15 Bass amp reissue
  5. Demeter HPB-1

    Demeter HPB-1
  6. D'Addario EXL170BT

    Nickel Roundwound Balanced Tension 45–107
  7. D'Addario ENR71 XL Half Round

    Long Scale half round bass strings
  8. Caye Bass Strings

    Chinese strings that can be had for around five dollars...
  9. Sansamp Para Driver DI

    This floor version of the Sansamp RPM rackmount provides the same detailed tone shaping possibilities for any signal source. It is particularly
  10. EMG GZR P - Geezer Butler Precision Pickup

    EMG along with legendary artist Geezer Butler have collaborated to develop the GZR-P and GZR-PJ signature bass pickup sets. The Rock and Roll Hall of
  11. Fender American Elite Precision Bass

    switchable active/passive PJ bass
  12. Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST-300

    Full Size Version AMAZINGLY fast. Extremely reliable and accurate. Absolutely no competition. Bright LED display makes comfortable reading in any
  13. Yamaha BB450

    4 String electric bass guitar - out of production
  14. Ampeg SVP Pro

    The Ampeg SVP-Pro Series Bass Preamp uses 5 - 12AX7 tubes to provide the true, rich, tubular tone only a genuine multivalve signal path can generate
  15. Spector Performer Series Bass Guitar

    Performer basses from Spector are the ultimate entry-level instruments. Currently available in North America only.
  16. Fender Custom Shop '62 Precision Bass Pickup

    The new upgraded pickup you will find on American Standard Fender Precision Basses from late 2012 to present. Very punchy and there is a boost of
  17. DR Neons

    Coated nickel round wound string