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4-Track Help

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by xMaGiKaLx, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. xMaGiKaLx


    Jan 29, 2005
    Im having some troubles getting my 4-track to record with my amp plugged into it (gotta be able to hear what im playing). Its an AMR 64, MCR 4, real old I think, my uncle gave me it. On the right side of the 4track theres 4 input jacks, but I dont use those, they dont record for some reason... Then on the left side theres sets of [buttons for volume and equilizer stuff, switches, and a "Line" and "Insert" jack]. There are 4 of those sets 1-4 then a divider and a 5th and 6th set. I am using the "Line" jack to plug my bass in on the first set then my friend is also using one of the sets with a guitar in the "Line" jack. We can record and it works great, but we can only hear ourselves through the stereo jack. The problem with that is that the guitar and the bass run are coming out my bass amp, because thats what I put in the stereo jack. Thats not good plus we each wanna use our own amp. So next to the 'line' jack is am 'insert' jack. When we plug our amps into the corresponding insert jacks, we can hear ourselves. Great right? Well now when we record it doesnt actually record what we play on our instruments, it just records a constant humming noise. Im not sure what to do though, any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. xMaGiKaLx


    Jan 29, 2005
    Also I was wondering if I have a song (drums guitar bass, the whole deal) from my computer that is being played out of my bass amp, will it damage the amp in any way? Thanks
  3. Sorry, your post is a little too confusing to follow. But here are some suggestions:

    1. Try to work with the input jacks you say are on the right side. They're probably the basic input jacks for each track. Sounds to me like you're using the wrong input ports to achieve what you want. You say they don't work "for some reason" but I'd suggest fiddling with it a bit and see if you can't get them working, it'd probably solve your problems.

    2. In terms of hearing what you're recording. Find the stereo out jacks on your 4-track and hook those into a stereo, or if one isn't available, into a spare amp that neither of you are using. It'll take one problem out of the equation.

    3. Playing stuff from your computer through your bass amp probably won't do any damage, its played through your amp very loudly. Keep the volume down and it'll probably be fine.