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AA (?) basses?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Zerozeddy, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Once, when I was 15 and had no money, I lusted after a gorge bass in (RIP) Dougie's Music Store* in Northwich. This is 20 years ago, you understand.

    I wouldn't mind tracking one down now I have a tad more disposable, or at least finding out some more info on them. Also to convince myself that my memory isn't completely knacked.

    So - it was a smallish body, orange flame top, beautiful, and I'm SURE had an AA logo on the headstock.

    Does this AA brand exist?

    *If, heaven forbid, any forumer is familiar with the shop, it was on display in the small cupboardy bit at the far end upstairs on the guitar floor.
  2. RAOTswirled


    Jul 20, 2010
    NW England
    I used to work in Dougie's music, I clearly remember this bass, it had a gold Badass bridge and was a clear red finish. Dougie told me the AA stood for Angus Attila (Attiler not sur how you spell it). I sold the bass to a guy from southport called Malcolm, I remember this as I advertised it in the loot magazine and sold it from my home one sunday. must have been around 1993.
  3. wow small world aint it?
  4. I thought it was cool to note the original thread was posted in 2005 & was resurrected today. Neat.
  5. God bless the internet. Fantastic.
  6. Wow. this isn't a zombie thread, it's full on resurected! To complete this story we need a post from another TBer saying 'wow, I bought this bass in 1993, it's in the classifieds at the moment!' :p
  7. haha that will sound like a setup :p
  8. RAOTswirled


    Jul 20, 2010
    NW England
    I googled Dougie's music Northwich and seen this post in the search results, just had to reply. I actually still see a couple of the guys I used to work with at the shop. Mark who used to run the guitar dept is a good friend of mine who I see on a regular basis and Terry who used to do the repairs on amps, re tubing and stuff, he has a hardware and electrical store on the market in Northwich. I often think of maybe one day resurrecting the old shop I think I would even call it Dougies LMAO.
  9. kcole4001


    Oct 7, 2009
    Nova Scotia
    I remember these basses were advertised in the early 1980s in Musicstop's (largish local store) catalog, and I played one in the store in my town as well.
    Nicely made, quite bright sounding, lots of sustain.
    I seem to remember they were not very expensive.
  10. "They were not very expensive" when you're 15 is very, very relative. I ended up buying a (lovely) Rick copy from Dougie's for £70.

    Fans of doomed Northwich music shops will hopefully be amused to hear about a Kay guitar in Gorst and Oakes (sold fridges, cookers and guitars - aren't provincial towns fun?). I pressed my nose against the window and yearned for that guitar as a kid for years. It had a through-neck, vaguely double-cutaway Les Paul, and was beautiful. Then one day I saw it for sale in a house clearance shop down the road and was SOOOOOOO excited - I even had saved enough pocket money to buy it. Took it to school soon after for a band practice or something and left it in the music dept store room... in the afternoon when I went to pick it up said to the music teacher "just getting my guitar" and he replied "ah yes, yours is the small one". And the next Saturday I part-exed it for the biggest guitar I could find.

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