At what point does crack repairs negate a carved top ?

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  1. What I'm getting at is if the carved top has one or two cracks repaired properly, did the repairs somewhat negate the benefits of a carved top ? I'm just talking loss of tone or resonance, is it now much closer to the higher end plywood models available ?
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  2. That depends.

    Not all basses are equal. Some plys are better instruments than some carved basses.

    Financially, the point of diminishing returns hits when you experience a bad bass bar crack. The cost of repair can exceed the value of a cheap carved or hybrid bass.

    Sonically, you have to lard up a decent carved top with a lot of weight for it to sound worse than a mediocre ply top.

    The question frames a false dichotomy. Find a good bass. Play the heck out of it. Care for it appropriately. Have a talented luthier on speed dial when it inevitably needs repair.
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  4. I have never found this to be true in 25 years playing a lot of basses, traveling and touring. I've heard it said but have never experienced it. A carved bass has more going on than just tone, it is how you co-operate with the instrument, the ease of moving from one sound to the next, etc. The cracks do not seem to be a big deal, just have them repaired properly.
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  5. I see your point, but not every individual instrument excels at every possible application. If that was the case I wouldn't own multiple instruments optimized for various applications.
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    I have experienced a ply bass sounding better than a carved one. Once. Under unusual circumstances. My bass is a Shen SB 80 ply. My teacher has several basses but uses a pre-war German carved bass to teach with. One time in August with the humidity insanely high his bass sounded like mud and mine sounded better. A note, his bass is strung with gut which may well be the reason.
  7. Thanks everyone for the feedback