Callahan's Crossbass Saloon

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    Dec 17, 2009
    It had been a long night, even for Alan Mies, as he walked into the dimly lit alley. A beam of light shot suddenly across the pavement, and a dark heap lay where only the cracked pieces of concrete had formed the narrow walkway leading to the street. An apparent soundcheck, or maybe the tentative stabs at a prospective first song of a set wafted in the air, inviting Alan to drift closer toward the double doors.

    A bouncer was checking the heap on the street and lifting it up. It was clearly a passed-out patron of the bar. "Callahan's" was pasted in poorly fitting sticker letters on a half-lit marquee. Alan put out his cigarette and strolled toward the bouncer, who released the former patron and lifted his chin to meet Alan's stare. "Got any ID?" he asked. "Just this," said Alan and showed the man a holographically gleaming three-dee licence. "Oh, right, welcome sir!" said the doorman and opened the door for Alan.

    By the time Alan had elbowed himself to the bar area, the band on the stage had launched into a long rock-and-roll jam. Two guitarists were trading licks, the bass player kept pounding the familiar changes, and the drummer seemed to never repeat a bar identically to the previous one. "This could turn interesting," Alan thought to himself, and pulled a fiver out of his wallet.
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    Dec 17, 2009
    Valerie looked at the five-dollar bill that suddenly materialized in front of her among the blur of faces and forearms. She had the drill down by now - see a fiver, pull a draft. She handed the beer over to the odd-looking fellow in front of her - a leather-clad guy with shaggy dark hair and glasses. He raised the mug at her and smiled, then turned away, apparently to observe the show on the stage.

    On band nights, she was told, they served beer out of plastic mugs, and every night at Callahan's seemed to be band night - at least that's what the wall calendar in the kitchen seemed to indicate. This band was loud and rowdy and she wished she could sneak out to the side of the stage to check them out better. All she could do, however, was to look out for splashing beer and be alert on the incoming drink orders.

    It was going to be a busy night for her and everyone on duty at Callahan's.
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    ... until powderfinger's cousin showed up for a little karaoke action. Then all hell broke loose.
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    Dec 17, 2009
    Lol! Exactly! Please take off from there!
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    Feb 18, 2012
    Valerie watched Alan walk away. Nice butt, she thought. I bet he is a bass player. She served up two more trays of drinks and snuck over to the side of the stage. The bad was alright. She was next to the bass player. Alan was back a few tables and caught her eye...........
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    Dec 17, 2009
    Alan inched away from the bar to watch the band which was now doing some inane ZZ Top song but with gusto that rivaled the original. The bass player was even venturing away from the basic shuffle beat with runs at choice spots to accentuate the lyrics and the changes. The room was crowded and people were shouting in each other's ear to make themselves heard, but still, from the cacophony of sounds, the rocking beat emerged triumphantly. Some girls were gyrating at the front of the stage and spilling their drinks on the floor.

    "This is going to be quite an evening," Alan thought to himself and raised his glass to his lips. As he felt the sting of the first cold swallow at the back of his throat, he saw a glimmer of an eye at the stage left and noticed that the bartender was taking a solid look at him. He lifted his glass at her and winked.
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    It just so happened that Alan had the night off. His rock n' roll band's party gig was cancelled earlier in the day. Turns out that the party, at a wealthy doctor's home in the hills above the city, was put on hold when doctor had to admit himself to the hospital for Appendicitis. So Alan decided to make good with his new found time and took the opportunity to scout out Callahan's Saloon as his band is scheduled to play here the following weekend. Little did Alan know that this would be a life changing event.

    Edit: So were is PowderFinger when we need him?