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Clueless And Needs EUB Help

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by gpnhs, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. gpnhs


    Feb 16, 2003
    los angeles,
    Hello all!
    Let me start with a disclaimer:) I know that most of you will say why bother with an EUB, get straight to the main course and purchase the real thing. But here’s the deal: I’m an electric bass player and the music I play is slow, drony and experimental. I’m looking to add an upright “bowed” sound to my noise. From experience I know that once (loudly) amplified and run through an effect or two an accoustic instrument (in this case, a double bass) will feed back. So… I’m looking to get a EUB that is decent but since it will be a secondary instrument I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg (most EUB I’ve seen go for an average of 2K). I went online and checked things out:
    The Dean Pace looks like an electric bass without a body and doesn’t look like it can be bowed.
    The Ergo bass seems intersting but some of you have reservations about it in some of the threads I read on this site.
    The Palantino (link below) is interesting as well but there’s not much user info as of yet.
    I have located an old Framus EUB and it looks pretty odd. Has a pickup, a volume and a tone knob. It’s finish remind me of a gold top Les Paul.
    A BSX-ST. Anyone knows anything about it?
    One more thing. I live in Los Angeles and I was wondering if there’s an actual store who has some EUB’s so I can check them out. Or maybe even a rental place where I could have a look/see/feel/hear.
    Any advice you guys are willing to give is more than welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read this rambling post.
  2. You're in California?
    Get an appointement with the Azolas!
    You must get in touch with them!
    Let us know about the results.
  3. I have a BSX, and it bows quite nicely, even with spirocores !
    It's hard to find music stores with EUBs to try out.
    Like Francois suggests, check out Azola's if you can, they are top notch. Be warned though, once you go imitation upright, you will be gas'n for the real thing !
    I gig with the BSX, but I woodshed at home with the acoustic !
  4. The Azolas are the best in the game yes, but are they really in his price range? I'd think that you would want to go up to their shop for an informational visit, but dont expect to find something in you price range. You might be able to find a used axe though.Good luck!
  5. gpnhs


    Feb 16, 2003
    los angeles,
    thank you for replying. i wish i could afford and azola and i'd like to visit them but they're two-three hours south of me. so unfortunately that's that as far as azola. i looked around la and you'd think with the amount of musicians that there are in this city you'd be able to find a rental place that would carry eub's, right? think again. i think i'll keep checking on ebay and this site's sale section and see if i can get something decent. i know that i would love "the real thing" as i just saw nels cline and his bass player created the most gorgeous bowed sounds. one more question. on an electric bass short scale string can be a bit of a drag. how about on an eub? can a 36" scale be bowed? again, thanks for replying and if you think of anything else, please post. your feedback is not falling on deaf ears!
  6. gpnhs


    Feb 16, 2003
    los angeles,
    one more thing: someone told me that if i choose to arco i should get a eub with a floating top/resonant top. comments?