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  1. neeko


    Mar 24, 2013
    Rouen, France
    Hi there,

    I just started my first DYI project with my friend luthier Michael Drai

    Name of the project : Germanium Bass

    Here's the model :
    An old german FASAN SC bass (quite rare apparently - still searching any info about it)

    I'm a big fan of these old german basses (Hofner, Klira, Framus,etc.). I wanted to built one for a long time, keeping the overall feeling of these, but with enhanced specs...

    Here are the specs :
    Short scale : 30"
    body :basswood + Marshall elephant red tolex covering (!)
    neck :maple
    fingerboard : rosewood
    Neck profile : same as my 74 4001S Rick
    Pickguard : yellowish perloid
    pickups : Dearmond Turbo-Jet
    Bridge : Gibson 3 points (5' strings spacing) :

    That's what it gives after the first day :

    I'll update this thread throughout the progression.

    Feel free to post any comment and suggestion.


  2. By some time I got my hands on DDR made Musima Deluxe bass. That was a nice bass. Have no suggestions thats yer project, I like DIY basses.

    Id reccomend looking at eastern made basses. Also very interestingly shaped