Do you use the "effects loop"

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    Just thought I'd asked and see what everyone has to say. I personally only run my effects through the front of the amp, and never use the effects loop.

    I know this may have a lot to do with what effects you have in your setup, so I will list what I typically use, and I don't use anything fancy:

    Bass -> tuner -> HPF -> Dirt ->Chorus/Flanger -> preamp -> amp

    Sometimes I use a stomp box comp and a phaser as well, but always through the front...

    Thoughts on the effects loop?
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  3. Don't most amps have line level loops, and don't most pedals operate at instrument level? You can't put pedals in an effects loop unless the nominal output levels are compatible.
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    I use the FX loop and found that it works better for me, but my Aguilar 659 pre has a send and return pot for adjustment. Plus it can do line/instr. works great.