Does anybody own a Moon bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Calvan, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Calvan


    May 13, 2008
    San Diego
    I met a guy that played at my cousins wedding and he had one of the nicest basses I had ever seen. I talked to him about it and he said it was a Moon, and that he got it in Japan. Apparently he went to the factory and and got it directly from there. I think he said that they weren't available in the US at all anymore. I was wondering if anyone has one and how they got it? I found the Moon website but it's all in Japanese, which i unfortunately can't speak, read, or understand hahaha.

    Funny Story: The guy I met who owned the bass said that he has been married and divorced twice, and he bought that bass before his first marriage. He's had it for over 14 years!
  2. i wish
  3. they are very nice handbuilt Japanese basses. Most of their stuff is Fender copies. Larry Graham has played a white one with painted headstock and, yes, fingerboard, like forever (though it's not on any of his classic Sly or GCS recordings).

    You can often find them used on Ishibashi, I believe there's a white one up now (fingerboard thankfully NOT painted), just email and they will translate or provide any details you need.

    Or you could get a new 08 Fender for cheaper. But yeah, Moon basses are awesome.
  4. jazzenfunk

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    Nov 12, 2006
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    I've owned 2 of them. Both 5 strings. I gutted my 2nd one and still have the Moon p/u's and Blackbird preamp. Wish I still had them but I'm a gasaholic.
  5. Calvan


    May 13, 2008
    San Diego
    what is this GAS thing? i'm not up on the lingo
  6. melt


    May 16, 2007
    I've played a Moon Larry Graham Jazz (yep, including white fingerboard) and loved it. Possibly the nicest Jazz I've ever played (I don't normally get on with Jazzes). I vastly preferred it to the original '62 stack knob I played. Still, I like lacquered boards. :)
  7. toytech


    Mar 22, 2004
    San Leandro
    Gear Acquisition Syndrome ;)
    I have a Moon Mb-4. It is the best most comfortable bass I have ever owned. Build quality is on par with Lakland and Sadowsky. If I could afford one I would buy one of the Larry Graham sigs in second.
  8. BigNoise


    Nov 19, 2007
    Knoxville, TN
    My buddy cooldaddie here on TB has a 5 string larry graham it is bad..... I have never ever seen another like it, he got it from a session cat in NY
  9. backwater


    Jul 17, 2007
    Edinburgh, UK
    One thing to watch out for is that there are two companies making basses that are called Moon. One is by Moon Japan and the other is custom made basses by Moon Guitars in Scotland.

    I've seen a few of the Japanese ones but only one Scottish! Jimmy Moon usually makes folk instruments (guitars, mandolins etc) but sometimes makes custom guitars. His website is

  10. Calvan


    May 13, 2008
    San Diego
    can any of you that own one possibly post a picture? also... how did you get it????

    i'm talking specifically about the japanese company. i've never heard of the scottish one.
  11. Mr. Majestic

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    Dec 3, 2005
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    M-O-O-N, that spells "bass".
  12. toytech


    Mar 22, 2004
    San Leandro
    my mb4
  13. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    Shoot, I've had my old P since 1967....that's 41 years.

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    I am trying to recall if I saw some moon basses that looked like Sadowskys.
  15. toytech


    Mar 22, 2004
    San Leandro
    most of them look either like mine, or similar with fancy wood (climb model) or standard jazz bass copies, or the larry graham.
  16. Moon is a very reputable Japanese company that builds well-crafted instruments.

    My wife used to work at Ishibashi when she was a teenager, and later she did freelance work for Moon Corporation for a bit.... they are very nice people.

    Back in the mid 90's, they contacted me about designing a new line of bass guitars for them.... too bad it didn't work out.

  17. smakbass

    smakbass Smakkin basses for 25 years..

    Aug 6, 2002
    Vancouver Canada

    This is my Moon climb 5 with Bubinga facings mahogony body, Kent Armstrong p/us and blackbird pre amp.
  18. GeddyFlea1974


    Feb 11, 2007
    Nice to have a Stephen King fan around here :D
  19. Lesfunk

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    Apr 5, 2007
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    Now dat's what I'm Talkin about...
  20. Munjibunga

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    Don't ask, don't tell.