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Does GC discount used gear?

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Jim C, May 25, 2018.

  1. IMO, it is sound business policy not to discount used gear because there is no way to guard against entrepreneurial customers who haggle a discount, attempt to flip the gear within the 45 day return period, then return the gear when they can’t sell it.
    However, there needs to be some transparency about the policy, perhaps a sign on the wall next to the Mitchell bass with the rattling truss rod which reads: “Used Gear Prices are Firm-We Do Not Negotiate with Fraudsters.”
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  2. lefty1979


    Mar 30, 2008
    DFW, texas
    They're pretty transparent about the used gear buying/discounting policy. Ask for a discount and and they will explain the policy in detail. Establish "Fair market value", pay 60% of that, list at said fair value, discount if it sits long enough. Eventually they'll discount to their cost if it hangs around long enough. In fact every time I've questioned them about the value they were very straightforward. 'I'm going to list it at X, so I can only give you Y." Occasionally if I've had something very desirable they would bump up the sale price to 65 or 70 percent, but they're pretty straightforward about the whole process. Now their so-called vintage "experts" are a whole different story....
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  3. dave79

    dave79 Rest well Fish Supporting Member

    This on the other hand isn't actually fraud. The GC used department actually knowingly sells used stuff to other brick and mortar chains that then resell it, they have corporate accounts and whatnot. I know this from back when they had the old website and system where you'd have to call at 7am and fight with other buyers to get to an instrument first, I'd get asked if I was a reseller and if I had an account number that they could pull the payment info from. I miss those days.
  4. dave79

    dave79 Rest well Fish Supporting Member

    Hah, yeah they're the most clueless people I've ever seen get labeled an expert by anyone. I've got plenty of stories...and they usually end up with the California vintage team saying "we didn't get good enough pics from the store to identify the piece properly"
  5. lefty1979


    Mar 30, 2008
    DFW, texas
    My favorite story was when I tried to sell them an amp I had bought from them a couple years ago. Vintage expert says they can only give me $100 for a vintage fender vibe champ (worth about $600 at the time) because of its condition, and he's doing me a favor. I told him well since I bought it from you in this same condition, I guess I deserve a refund then right? Crickets.
  6. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    In my personal experience with GC back in 2012 I saw an ad online for a used 4X10 cab the GC in an OK. city had for sale. It had a pic of a vented cab. It was shipped to my store in Delaware and when it arrived it was a different cab. I called them and pointed out the discrepancy and they apologized profusely and said I could take it back to the GC I picked it up from but I decided to keep it. GC has been sending me coupons monthly since then and it's been over 6 years.
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  7. mogator


    Aug 12, 2002
    I've never gotten a discount on used gear. I have however gotten accomodations... For example I bought a Peavey bass that was missing a knob. They took a new pair off the wall and gave them to me. The guy put the Peavey knob in his pocket. Probably sold it on ebay for $20-25.

    Re: flippers... recently I bought a bass from a location on the coast. I talked on the phone with a salesperson and their instore tech about the condition before it was shipped. When it came in I discovered it had a bowed out neck. My local store took the return no problem. Supposedly it was corrected. I didn't go back for it but a few days later it popped up on CL for about $200 more. A few weeks later it was back at the GC.
  8. Rockonjp76


    Aug 8, 2016
    716, NY
    I got my shipping refunded, about 23 dollars. They found a chip in the nut and called me to ask me if I still wanted the bass. Asked for a discount and was told they would refund me the shipping. I was like sure!
  9. JKos


    Oct 26, 2010
    Torrance, CA
    Off topic, but that depends on what state you are in.

    - John
  10. dave79

    dave79 Rest well Fish Supporting Member

    Interesting, what do you mean? Perhaps I wasn't clear on that I was referring to the personal property tax. I've been told it doesn't exist on cars in FL, in VA it's based on some "blue book" value they have.
  11. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    White Plains
    No such tax in NY. Just sales tax on a vehicle.

    CT does have it though.
  12. paparoof

    paparoof Supporting Member

    Apr 27, 2011
    fEARful koolaid drinker
    I bought a vintagey Ampeg B-25 head from GC for half of their listed price because it was shocking anyone who touched it. I asked the store manager if they give discounts for used gear that includes the threat of death, he touched the faceplate, got shocked and caved immediately. Hurrah!
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  13. ccfalkner


    Sep 19, 2016
    Dallas, TX
    The only time I got a steal on used GC stuff was when I came in right after a guy sold a BTB 505 and before it got on the books. The manager liked me and gave me $20 over the purchase. My son is still using it to gig at college.
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  14. Jimmythebass

    Jimmythebass Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2011
    Man, you guts are brutal...all he asked was if they gave a discount. I have had good luck talking to the manager instead of floor sales asking for wiggle room on S&H. They can ship store to store for you to pick up at lower rates. That's how I have had success in the past.
  15. somebrains

    somebrains Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2017
  16. Of all the crap that gets thrown at GC I really think overall their used pricing is better than most individual seller pricing. There is no emotional attachment, the goal is to sell and move on. I bought a used ESP Vintage 4 (in rarest color, CAR) a few years ago after multiple price drops to $699 (from $899 in increments-fair price to begin with) I’m in Tn, store was in Redwood , Ca. Called for in hand description to confirm Babitz bridge and EMG X pups.(admitted crap pics). Even had Dunlop flush mount strap locks. Tried for free shipping to no avail. Wound up being $7.00. Great bass.

    I’m helping a buddy find and buy the complete Squier CV series in all models and colors. Between us we have found many through GC used site in better than listed condition and better prices than most other sellers.
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  17. gfen


    Aug 21, 2014
    lehigh valley
    stayed at a holiday inn, once...
    Last couple times I asked if they could do better, they shut me down flat out. At least in my local store, what it says it what you pay. It used to be you could negotiate a bit but in the last 12 months they stopped that.

    At a certain point, it gets reduced if it doesn't move. Not sure if they'll move further on that price or not. I suspect not.

    The floor guys tell me that everyone, manager included, has their hands tied on it. It's their corporate policy.
  18. voodoobassist

    voodoobassist Supporting Member

    Jun 9, 2008
    Tulsa , OK
    Item must be in stock for 90 days before they'll start lowering the price. Then you'll see it come down by degrees. I've been watching a used pair of PA mains for a looooonggggg time on their site. Started at almost $1000 each,...now they're down to $499 each.

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