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Favorite Bass Pedals?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by JonTishBASS, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. JonTishBASS


    Jan 29, 2018
    Mine is a Boss Md500 Modulation Multi Effects pedal
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  2. dave_bass5


    May 28, 2004
    London, UK.
    BDDI. Not the best ive owned, but its the one i keep buying and going back to.
  3. EBS Billy Sheehan Deluxe Drive. Has a mean, white noise type of distortion to it.
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  4. The only bass-specific pedal I have is a Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser, and I'm always raving about how great it is here.
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  5. scubaduba

    scubaduba Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Dec 23, 2003
    My top four:

    Shift-Line Olympic MKIII

    Ziebek Submarine

    Hotone Xtomp

    Diamond BCP-1
  6. alack


    Nov 20, 2000
    Hard to go wrong with a Boss OC-2.
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  7. fdr1031


    Feb 24, 2008
    Fort Worth, Texas
    VT Deluxe - ability to store 3 presets for boost, some tone shaping and a little grit are useful... adding too much grit I find I loose too much low end playing live
  8. JtSD619


    Nov 10, 2011
    San Diego
    Darkglass Alpha Omicron
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  9. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    I have about 30 pedals. I don’t have a single favorite. But these are what I actually use as opposed to what I play around with. None of them are what you’d consider “effect” effects. They’re all more what I think of as signal shapers or tone sculptors.
    • Broughton Alex-1 Bax
    • Broughton HPF
    • Southampton Ictineo
    • Southampton Fifth Gear V2
    • Lounsberry Rupert
    • Keeley Bassist
    • Aphex Bass Xciter
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2018
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  10. Nev375


    Nov 2, 2010
    Iron Ether Nimbus
    DOD FX-25 (w/ LPF mod)
  11. Rumble Thunder

    Rumble Thunder

    Aug 5, 2016
    Strymon Mobius
  12. Frodolicious


    May 29, 2018
    Omaha, NE
    Keeley Bassist and Pike Vulcan.
  13. Stevorebob

    Stevorebob Well... I Am Here, Aren't I? Supporting Member

    Sep 29, 2011
    Los Angeles
    Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop. Empress Compressor.
  14. darkglass Alpha omega
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  15. BLDavis

    BLDavis Master of Snarks. Supporting Member

    May 21, 2009
    Ellenboro, NC
    Diamond BCP-1
  16. Wulfensteiner

    Wulfensteiner Inactive

    Mar 24, 2018
    Melbourne, Australia
    Drool @ idea of the Keeley and the Xciter together.

    Also +1 for the Xciter :) it's in what I consider my 'studio survival kit' now.
  17. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    The Xciter has been a godsend for a couple of basses I own. I have a chambered LP type bass that benefits enormously from the way it brings a degree of clarity to its otherwise gorgeously deep and complex bass tone. That bass sounds great all by itself. But with the Xciter in the chain it becomes really impressive. Last bass I had that got anything like that sound was an Alembic.

    I did try it with the Keeley Bassist. But I didn’t find it made much difference (so far) being there. Probably because the low end on the Xciter is handled by a compressor/sustainer type circuit at its core. So the Xciter already brings a lot of what a properly dialed in compressor would do for the mix. And my playing levels are pretty even and controlled even without a compressor.

    So maybe they both are doing the same thing the way I’ve got them set? Don’t know. I’ll definitely have to experiment further. I know some TBers here have been using two compressors (IIRC David Gilmour used to do that) in different places in their signal chain. That’s something I never tried and probably should.
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  18. Wulfensteiner

    Wulfensteiner Inactive

    Mar 24, 2018
    Melbourne, Australia
    Heck yeah. I'm kinda doing it but with a limiter with the Xciter instead of a comp. It's pretty coooool expanding all the awesome stuff and booting out all the transient crap I don't want :D
  19. S.F.Sorrow


    Dec 6, 2014
    Probably the MXR M87 because it is my only "always on" pedal. Not a huge fan of effects on bass except dirt and, or rare occasions, octave down.

    My most used dirt pedals are:

    EBS Valve Drive (but only for a very slight touch of dirt if the amp itself is too clean).
    EHX Green Russian
    Darkglass Alpha Omicron
    Onkart Gromt Grombass
    Mooer Fog Bass

    Hard to find one favourite. They're so different and in 6 months the list will probably have changed. Again...
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  20. Crystalman85


    Nov 30, 2008
    Chicago, Il.
    If it has to be bass specific, my favorite bass pedal would be a darkglass vintage microtubes. I've owned one for about a few years and it is one of the best bass overdrive pedals I've ever owned. I plan to buy another darkglass pedal sometime in the future. either the alpha omnicron or the vintage deluxe.
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