Fender Precision MiA 79' vs MiJ 93'

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    Mar 6, 2010
    Berlin, Germany
    Ok, i know know, it's kinda obvious but still i'd like to hear pros and cons.
    I finally decided to get a better P bass to my collection, i just reach the point where i need that sound for most of my projects. I would go for a modern MiA but i'm deep into Vintage (my main basses are a 70' Höfner and Burns) and testing newer MiA i felt them all wrong and "cheap". Now, 3000€ it's a bit too much for what i can spend now on a bass.
    I just tested a 78/79 MiA P bass and sounds and looks great, lacks a bit of punch (maybe cause they removed the poly finish on the neck and oiled it, very well done anyways) but it's still quite pricy! On the other hand i've heard great things on Japanese fenders from late 80'/early 90'. I haven't test any and i can't find any near me in Berlin, but there are a couple on eBay and they do look good for a very decent price.
    So, watch say, should i give the MiJ a try considering that the price is less than the half of a normal vintage MiA or screw that and gig like a slave to get a 70' one? Any thoughts are highly appreciated!
    Thanks guys!
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  2. For me, I'd say go the MIJ. Numerous people query their pickups, but IMO the build quality is comparable to anything I've tried. I love them! Good luck!