Fender Rumble LT25, Studio 40 & Stage 800

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  1. Sounds like you're in a similar situation as I was. I went years without playing. I picked up a cheap bass for my girlfriend and I to have something fun to do. I got a Rumble 100 (that I still love) thinking it would be plenty loud, I could barely hear it over my drummer. Now, with the stage, I find myself turning down.. I wish I had that issue when I was 16.

    Like G-dog said, post a pic and definitely read the manual.. then let us know what your thoughts are once you spend a solid weekend with it. Just don't get overwhelmed with all the options. You can go down endless rabbit holes without barely scratching the surface. I'll create settings and then... Well, I've gotta try them with every instrument in the house, because the amp doesn't completely color your instrument like some modellers (I've even got a cheap karaoke mic ordered to see how it processes vocals)

    Welcome to the Rumble Fam
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  2. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016

    Great advice, shoe-man! We'd love to see your Rumble's pic in the Rumble Club so we could officially welcome you to the Rumble Club family, too. :cool:

    I, for one, really enjoy your contributions. (BTW, have you seen the Official Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI Club?)
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  3. I'll peruse through the VI club on break tonight. I appreciate reading your posts as well. It's seems that we're (and Sergio Vega) cut from the same cloth as far as our gravitating to quirky and unusual musical tools.

    The Squier VI very much reinvigorated my drive to play after a many year hiatus. I've modified mine pretty heavily to get it as close to original spec. I wish I had known the Classic Vibe was coming out since it would've been a better starting platform.

    I found my Pawnshop VI a few months ago for $600 by chance when I stopped in to my local GC. I was already considering buying a CV-VI, so for a little more $, I couldn't pass up the PS.. especially considering how much they go for even beat to hell and this one still had the plastic on the pickguard. I keep flats on the VM and rounds on the PS. The PS gets more play-time even though I'm not a fan of the five-way selector (seldom leaves position 4, humbucker by itself) , but both sound great through the Stage. With all the tonal options afforded by the Rumble, I don't feel like either VI's need suffer the lack of low end that most people complain of.

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  4. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    Attention: Rumble Club Wiki Edit Alert!

    Thanks, @Dookieshoes. Your explanation of How to Load Mustang GT Presets on a Rumble Stage or Studio has been linked on the Rumble Club Wiki page in the TONE App Support section. That's a very interesting idea for Stage & Studio owners.

    Thank you, Dookie, for your valuable contribution. :thumbsup:
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  5. Diver


    Feb 14, 2020
    Well, this is in no way an extensive review of the Rumble Stage, but I received it a few hours ago, four hours and 6 sore fingers later , I am on preset #76/100 and had to drop the bass, turn around and write this just to express how cool this amp is:

    I tried it with my old and trusted Ibanez ATK, which is a pretty versatile sounding active bass imo and tried to leave all pre-amp pots in the middle on the bass.
    I was very curious about how the "coloring" of the sound would work without any help from the bass and man did it deliver...

    There are definitely presets that made me frown like "that Audiorage one ain't sounding like Rage or Audioslave", but then surprised myself sounding much like early days Flea with the "Under the bridge" preset and had to play every RHCP song I knew. The same happened for "in Bloom" and more. I can see that very useful for covers or to quickly find a sound based on known bands/genres.

    There are a lot of presets I will not care for, but there is definitely more than a third of them that are on point and will definitely reuse or fine tune for more customization and that is a lot more presets that I can pack into a set list.

    In terms of Cab emulation, like many people I read in this thread, I mostly liked the original Rumble V3 and the emulation of the GK. Not impressed by the Bassman or Orange stuff, but they didn't impress me back then so we're good :p . I need to spend more time with the other ones.

    For the FXs, the Flanger, envelope filter, chorus etc. are very good and I was able to recreate the perfect match to the sound I was getting from my physical pedals. The amount of control on each effect is impressive and even gave me more controls than on my pedals. Yes, this is no analog, but honestly I couldn't tell the difference.

    The compression seems to work very well, so I think I might return many of my newly purchased pedals since they have now become redundant.

    I disapprove of most overdrives/distortions in general, but found a pleasant amount of good usable ones that seemed to conserve low end and were to my taste. Sadly none will replace my Alpha Omega Ultra, which has such a unique range of tones and that I keep for the really nasty stuff.

    I have not tried the amp at mid-high volume yet, but I really dig the clean tones I am getting so far. The headphones sound good. I just noticed some noise in the headphones, that went away once I stopped cranking the volume all the way up on my active bass pre-amp.

    Very very pleased so far as it meets all the points I was trying to cover:

    - Very light. After a knee surgery, I cannot lift heavy gear for a while and when I compare equal wattage from back in my old days, the Rumble Stage is not even half the weight. I can totally manage the gear on my own.

    - It simplifies greatly the setup in the studio or live, bye bye pedal board, pedal addiction and faulty patch cables, I can now fit all the cables and gear I need in my case, with the amp in the other hand, and can unload it all in one trip (not true if you get the extra cab), and that matters a lot to me when parking is complicated.

    - The myriad of effects is just fun. I understand that I will end up using only a fraction of them daily, but I really appreciate having the possibility to feed my creativity with a bit of randomness and the constraints of some effects. This amp makes me want to play more and I doubt this will fade anytime soon. I already went though many effects I wanted to get in the past but couldn't afford. I didn't do the math, but that's definitely an immense value added.

    I do see one major issue with using this amp as a workhorse for gigging; if for some reason your amp is not working or just not there at the gig and need to have certain effects in your set list, you end up without a DI and without your effects, but the same can be said for a pedal board and usually DI boxes are made available at gigs. But ultimately if you end up playing in places where you are asked to just plug into a DI box to the PA system, you will need your amp on the stage every time. This can be an issue to some, but I think the amp's footprint is small enough that it could fit on any stage.

    Alright, going back to it, I'll post pics soon after I finally take the tags off!
    Like @Dookieshoes said, I now have to play every instrument in the house through this amp :p

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  6. iagtrplyr

    iagtrplyr Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2013
    Clinton, IA
    Diver, congratulations on your new amp purchase. My friend, even with four hours playing, you're barely scratching the surface with what this combo will do. It's almost mind-numbing the possible combinations and I'd love a week off dedicated to messing around with it. I have five or six presets that currently love, and if that's all I ever end up with for me that's okay. I still have yet to investigate GK models but intend to do that at some point. The biggest thing for me, and what the Stage 800 is made for is gigging. I haven't gotten it out a lot in the past year, but when I have it's performed flawlessly. I haven't gotten a tone yet I haven't enjoyed using. Even with a small tweak here or there, what you set up for comes through nicely, and the phone app has been a real asset. Try it out on your phone if you haven't had time to do so yet.

    Take a pic of your latest acquisition and head on over to the Combo Club. Post it and mention a little something about your combo and I'll give you a membership number. It's fun and free! Again, congrats!
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  7. Diver


    Feb 14, 2020
    Oh my, you are right, the phone app, I totally forgot about that! ...never sleeps again...

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  8. NordicBard


    Nov 11, 2019
    Pretty much sums up my experience aswell.

    Funnily enough, I ditched all my pedals aswell - except for two 'nasty pedals' for when things have to get real sludgy, none of the internal pedals really do that well enough.

    Had mine for... Months. Hang tags are still on it, been playing it way to much to have time to remove them, lol.

    Oh and the phone function is just mindblowing good, I never use the presets but the fact you can sculpt every single sound, including pedals, from your Ipad / Phone have been the reason 1-2 hour noodle / practise sessions turned i to 4 hours.

    Cannot wait for the update later this month (This week?). So hyped about what it brings!
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  9. You're gonna go down a lot of rabbit holes, especially with the app. I'm constantly exploring the way different cab sim options play with different amp models.. I still don't notice much difference when I change the sag and bias settings, but I still try!

    The '59 bassman and bassman room are my starting points for anything from Waylon Jennings, James Jameson, Spaghetti Western stuff on the VI or Jaguar. The GK is a good baseline for modern stuff like Tool. Justin Chancellor uses a ton of effects, most of which you now have at your disposal.

    I was concerned with sound coloring before I got my 800. I was satisfied with how much of the amp's sound we get, while not making every instrument sound the same.

    The 800 is definitely light. I can carry a bass on my back upstairs with the amp in one hand and another bass in the other. Gone are the days of casters and dollys.

    Enjoy your new addition and see how it plays with your pedals before ya take em behind the toolshed. My bass Big Muff ain't going nowhere just for the wet/dry blend. And the one pro of having a physical compressor is that I can crank the output slightly higher than what I need so that I can lean on my volume pedal and go smoothly from clean to distortion/fuzz. I'd feel confident enough to leave them all at home though. When you're not using all those patch cables, you don't have to worry with power supply, extension cords, patch cables.. all the stuff that can pick up radio stations.

    Enjoy brother, welcome to the Fam. Pictures too, btw!

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  10. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016

    @Diver and @NordicBard, please post pix of your Rumble Stage 800s in the Fender Rumble Club to get official Rumble Club membership numbers. This centralizes the "Greater Rumbling Community" membership. :D

    Then please return here to discuss the modeling features of your Stages. This spares the non-modeling Rumblers the technicalities of which they know not of. ;)

    Thank you, both, for sharing your Rumbling experience with us! :cool:
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  11. NordicBard


    Nov 11, 2019
    Man, I had totally written the amp model 'Monster' off - In enters my Rick 4004L and around 30 minutes of noodling with the amp basic settings and cab models. I get this THICK slurpy sound that is to die for - 15 minutes later I thrown in the Wide EQ, done my usual settings, and added a bit of compression.... Holy moley! Faces are melting!

    How about adding the Big Fuzz stomp box to kick in 'when needing-the-lolz' I then think... Tonal Nirvana achieved! (For the specific genre that is *laughs*).

    The possibilities on this amp are endless - Seriously.
  12. | Fender Tone Community Presets

    I don't think I've shared this one yet. It's a 60's Vox model from the Mustang GT, sounds pretty decent on bass or guitar. I presume the Vox amps were used universally back then like most were.
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  13. iagtrplyr

    iagtrplyr Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2013
    Clinton, IA
    VOX, VOX, did someone say VOX? :hyper:
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  14. Diver


    Feb 14, 2020
    Dumb question (since I have not tried it and since you just said it sounds decent on bass), but are you finding any issue with typical bass low end frequency response in the Guitar amp/cab models coming from the GT? I read many people play guitar on these amps and was wondering if the GT's models could or should only be used as such?
    Thanks for tracing the path for all of us! :)
  15. BarfanyShart


    Sep 19, 2019
    DC Metro
    The new Acoustisonic amp model is, like, amazing with DBs and EUBs with piezos, in my time so far trying it out. It's kind of blowing me away how good it sounds without any tweaking and how it balances the the volume over the range and switching between arco and pizz.

    Has anyone else played with piezos on this patch? Does Fender make a real amp or pre-amp that works like this, because making piezos sound good is all anyone talks about on the DB side of the forum.
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  16. There are a few amp models that need to tweaking to my ears when switching between guitar and bass. A sound engineer may disagree as to how much. There's gotta be a reason guitar players have used bass amps over the past few decades. Screenshot_20200226-215949.png Screenshot_20200226-215916.png

    Here's a couple photos to show the difference between a 59 bassman setting that I made on my GT then imported to Rumble and the Bassman setting on the Rumble. The main difference is the bright blend is set higher on the GT, otherwise it's the exact same modelled amp on both Amps.

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  17. Diver


    Feb 14, 2020
    Awesome, great to know and thank you! I dabble in guitar a bit and ended up using my bass amps for it until I had one of those tiny Vox guitar amp, that had effects you could add in the same way the Rumble does via physical switches. This will be great for recording bass and guitar via the amp or just switching instrument for fun.

    If I was working for Fender's Production Development team, I would seriously advise to rename this amp the "Rumble Stage OCD".
    It's like NAD everyday so far since I got it, lol
  18. Heavy Blue

    Heavy Blue

    Nov 11, 2017
    Prairie Canada
    That’s how I felt every time I when I was using one as well.

    I’m not one of those guys who has had a ton of different amps and such so it was a lot of fun exploring the different tones of the various models. I discovered that I particularly liked GK. Then discovered the joys of wahs and filters to go with it.:cool:
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  19. dch0719


    Aug 22, 2005
    SW CO
    I've been working with it on my DB for a bit.
  20. G-Dog

    G-Dog What a fun place! Supporting Member

    Feb 12, 2016
    A History of Fender Bass Modeling Amps

    Just a little general background for those who might be interested. Or, if you are fortunate enough to have hands-on experience in this area, please feel free to chime in!

    Fender B-DEC 30 - 2006-2011 - 1st Generation
    (Not a Rumble)
    The Bass Digital Entertainment Center is so much more than just a 30-watt amp with 10" speaker and different voices! The kickback cab contains goodies designed to help teach bass guitar with built-in drum tracks, loops, and MIDI facilities for other instruments as well, for you to play along with your own virtual band, and an extra instrument input for your live instructor, band mate, or friend. With detailed control of the tracks, tempos (even speedup!) and loops, you're never at a loss for entertaining musical lessons. Software updates are through the MIDI interface. A 1/4" line level output affords recording or sound reinforcement. The included B-DEC Method Book contains lead sheets and musical charts for proficiency practice and drills. An extensively functional optional 4-button footswitch facilitates and completes this fun package for switching presets, banks of presets, recording/playing loops, tuning and many other features. Though obviously aimed at beginners, it also serves the gigging musician with lots of options in a great sounding 33 lb. carry. My own B-DEC is still going strong today!

    bdec.jpg lg_0273456.jpg BDEC30MethodBook2006-User-Guide-Page-1.png unnamed.jpg
    Fender Bronco 40 - 2011-2018 - 2nd Generation
    (Not a Rumble)
    Shedding the beginner image, the Bronco also loses a lot of functionality compared to the B-DEC. The kickback and MIDI is gone and an optional 1-button footswitch lets you choose between either of 2 presets. But, it adds a bit more power at 40-watts into a 10" speaker and gives new modeling facilities, including software interfaces for Fender Fuse and its community, Ableton Live, and Amplitube via USB. And a professional XLR Out assures quality recording or sound reinforcement. Bass modeling now functions similar to guitar modeling in the popular Fender Mustang amps. Software updates are through a connected computer. It's a capable, fun and gigable bass amp at just 30 lb.s.

    Bronco 40.jpg 0994049000_merch_frt_001_nr.jpg 589111.jpg

    Fender Rumble Studio 40 & Stage 800 - 2018- - 3rd Generation
    (Rumble V3)
    Further shedding the beginner image, the 2x10" Rumble Stage 800, at 400 watts continuous "as-is" and 800 watts continuous with one, or two(!), 8 ohm extension cab(s), is a very professional bass modeling powerhouse, but at just 39 lb.s! The included multi-functional 4-button footswitch, optional for the Studio, returns much of the fun and convenience of the B-DEC's footswitch, such as tuning, looping, preset selection, etc. In fact, the B-DEC's footswitch works on the Stage & Studio, too, and a free magnetic faceplate updates the button labels. There are more extensive amp models, effects and cab sims and signal chain flexibility. The built-in wi-fi makes internet updates easier and Bluetooth now makes aux in wireless, or lets your phone or tablet actually control your amp wirelessly! These Rumbles now totally share their software (and presets!) with the current Fender Mustang amps. The 40-watt Studio 40, down to just 19 lb.s with a 10" speaker, has all the same software, inputs/outputs and wireless facilities as the Stage 800, just not the same power amp & cab capability. And they are Rumbles! In fact the Stage 800 shares the exact same cabinet and speakers as the Rumble 500 combo, but with darker cosmetics for easy recognition. It's truly a quantum leap for bass modeling and for Rumbles!

    Fender-Rumbles.jpg 81RX6ws9clL._AC_SX679_.jpg 2376100000_amp_back_001_nr.jpg 750-RumStage800_detail1.jpg

    Fender Rumble LT25 - 2019- - 3rd Generation
    (Rumble V3)
    For the beginner once again, the 25-watt LT25 with 8" speaker at just 19.25 lb.s has a limited subset of models and presets compared to the Stage & Studio, with no wi-fi or Bluetooth and limited output to headphones and USB only. But the variety of sounds, tones and effects available are unprecedented for such an inexpensive practice-sized bass amp. Great fun that can actually encourage practicing.

    Rumble LT25.JPG fender-2270100000-amplificador-fender-bajo-rumble-lt-25-D_NQ_NP_620916-MLM31983964602_082019-F.jpg 2270100000_amp_back_001_nr.jpg

    Bass modeling has never been better, or more affordable, and Fender is leading the way. What a great time to play bass! Can you imagine what the future may bring? :woot:
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