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Finally Made it to Talk Bass

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by joeyanderson93, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. joeyanderson93


    Mar 19, 2014
    Boone, NC
    Hello all, Joey Anderson here. Bassist for coming up on 7 years, currently stuck in college only to have a fall-back plan. I want to start a band and tour (but who doesn't right?) to make a manageable living. I don't like music for the money, and there's not much to be made these days. I love it because it's been the only thing for me for a third of my life. I've given everything I can for it and will keep on doing so. Now, I don't want to be that guy that whores his name off, but some people might have seen my YouTube channel, (formerly MasterBassist6993). Seems that some videos are pretty popular and other old ones are pretty loathed. Anyways, enough about that. It's good to be here among my fellow bassists, bottom-feeders, whatever the name you want to give us. I'd love to help anyone who needs it, but I know I am probably one of the least knowledgeable people about music. I've just played a lot in seven years and I've gotten pretty decent. Good to be here, so feel free to respond as you see fit or not at all. It won't hurt my feelings either way.