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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by karnivore666, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. karnivore666


    Mar 20, 2011
    yeah it is haha my first bass was a fifty pound wesfield but im moving up i practice about 7 hours or more a week 7 hour band practice then about a hour a day but i need more practice
  2. karnivore666


    Mar 20, 2011
    ok man ill check it ok yeah i do tend to have the strap high for difficult songs
  3. It's big on you, eh? Someone gives you a T40 you might tip over! :p

    And thanks, I've got a build topic about the V here but I think most of the pics don't work.
  4. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD Supporting Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    Syracuse NY
    Endorsing artist: Dingwall Guitars
  5. karnivore666


    Mar 20, 2011
    yeah man i really like that v and no worries :)
  6. bassfunk329


    Jul 5, 2008
    You are a terrible person slap is my favorite I smh at you.
  7. karnivore666


    Mar 20, 2011
    lol slap is a good technique
  8. Kristiankid


    Jan 2, 2010
    Mesa, AZ
    Dude that was good stuff for only being 13. I started playing at 15 and could only play White Stripes Seven Nation Army. Keep playing and eventually you just memorize the feel of the neck and frets. Youtube is a good place to observe (not mimic) good bass players and learn new things.
  9. karnivore666


    Mar 20, 2011
    yeah i agree i dont really use youtube that much but recently ive taken a shine to it
  10. GOX42


    Sep 28, 2000
    rising sun indiana
  11. karnivore666


    Mar 20, 2011
    hey that sound really nice man :D
  12. cliffrulez77


    Dec 16, 2010
    Here's a video of me, yeah it's old I know, I've gotten alot better, thanks for watching guys! Oh btw just YouTube search the title cuz my iPod won't gimme a link for it! :O Squier Badtz-Maru Test
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