GK 1001 & Mesa 750

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  1. Are these enough alike that you could buy one instead of the other? Or would they be too different for you to compare? So if you had your choice.....
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    What kinds of sounds are you looking for?

    If it were me, I'd take the GK over the Mesa...mainly because I like a punchy more mid present sound (which is why my Mesa is for sale and the Genz Benz isn't).
    The Mesa has a lot of heft and it's got a bigger rounder sound as opposed the GK's more solid state punch. Of course I'm not a huge fan of the 1001's in the first place. I think the GK 800RB is the best amp that GK makes, followed closely by the 2001RB.

    As far as both amps you are asking about, they are both versatile enough to cover just about any type of gig, they are both built extremely well, they both have good customer service, and they are both very loud amps. The Mesa can go down to 2 ohms though and it does have a well received OD channel that is footswitchable.

    It basically boils down to whether or not you like a tube sound or a SS sound I think though. I've owned both amps so if you have any questions, feel free.

  3. Two completely different beasts. The GK could be described as cold, clanky and very clean. Something the 750 is not capable of, the Mesa is more about fat and warm. You could not get the GK sound with the Mesa and I doubt you could get the Mesa sound with the GK. If you want something in the middle have a look at Eden.
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    Huge +1. I'd prefer the Mesa for that phat tubey grind. It's all about what you want it to sound like.