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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by gary mitchell, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. If any of you guys use a Boss GEB-7 eq show me your best settings. I want a good sound but i still want to keep in the basement good low end. 1_167ee7b4-e34b-42c6-8452-24170ef6c07c__22541.1508092322.jpg 1_167ee7b4-e34b-42c6-8452-24170ef6c07c__22541.1508092322.jpg
  2. extreme


    Mar 20, 2000
    Given those EQ points, I would boost 50 a bit, cut 120 slightly, boost 400 and 500 to taste, cut 800, boost 4.5k to bring out some finger noise, and cut 10k maybe all the way.

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