How many is too many? Thinning the herd.

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  1. I guess another question is WHY you're not using them. Typically, when I'm in a band, I pick out basses based on what the band is doing. Outside of that, I'm a bit of a flavor of the week guy.
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    Jun 20, 2008
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    GE, in your original you post you said that you can't pass up a good deal. I can understand that, having found 4 great deals in the past 2 months. In my mind, the prices were just too good not to buy (they were good). Sadly, only 1 of the 4 basses was something that I actually wanted, the rest were bought simply out of the "great deal of the moment" excitement. I am eventually going to have to hassle with selling the other 3 to get my money (and sanity) back. Going forward, I am going to have to stop browsing for deals (they will always be there) and start playing. Considering the economic forecasts for the next year or so, most basses probably won't increase or even hold much of their value at the same rate as there will be available buyers.
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    Twenty would be too many for me, but you're not me! Only you know how many is too many for you.

    I have five that I play regularly. That's been my usual limit when I'm gigging regularly. I don't need that many, but it's nice to have the variety. I wouldn't mind adding one or two more, for a little bit more variety... I'd like one of the new Fender P-bass fivers, and another Sadowsky P-bass... but I'm more than satisfied with the current set.
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    From a financial/investment perspective: Based on your breakdown you're basically blowing most of your money as soon as you get it. Bad idea. Time to thin out your collection (I say collection because with that many basses you can't be playing them all) and start being realistic about finances and what you actually need to do what you do as a bassist. Think of it this way: if you are making good enough money that you can buy all this gear straight cash at 19 then think of how much cash you could be saving/investing if you just cut back by 50%? If you have been buying your gear on credit then you definitely need to sell enough off to get yourself out of debt. This is not a good time to owe money. Bottom line is to stop making excuses and do something.

    This probably does not apply to you but...: If you feel like you have a problem with "hoarding" possessions then consider talking to a mental health professional. For a small number of people this sort of thing becomes pervasive and worsens over time causing serious problems.

    If you're rich and have lots of room
    : forget everything I said and keep buying basses.:smug:
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    I'd say that this isn't GAS, but OCD - obssessive compulsive disorder. And smashing stuff up when drunk or stoned is not healthy.

    Will all due sympathy and understanding (I have my own issues), I suggest that you consult a mental health professional, because it sounds to me like your behaviour is out of your control and making you unhappy.
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    I'd rather OWN my house than RENT my house. Even if it means I can't have all the basses I want. When you die, your net worth will be greater.
  7. man you have way too much equipment. help a brother out ;) :p
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    I have had 2 for a while now. 3-4 before that.
    With 2 I stills truggle with which to use and feel guilty if both don't see playing time.

    This is a struggle for me because I'm possibly looking at a custom build in the next few months.

    I'd also 'like' a fretless, but don't need. I'd also 'like' an Acoustic bass, but don't need.

  9. Yeah, but when you're dead you won't really care about your net worth. :p
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    I think this is a more a philospophy on how you approach life than basses. Some people just need the tools to get the job done while others like to accumulate and collect stuff. Nothing wrong with either as long as you can afford it. Me, I am a 2 Bass guy. Who needs more crap to spend money on and worry about. If I were rich from making a career of playing bass, I would probably have a couple more. That's the only time it would seem justifiable to me to start a small collection. To each his own, I guess. :)
  11. GE Why don't you sell off some of it and buy something out there that you wouldn't normally be interested in?
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    Two things, GE:

    1) Thanks for posting this. I felt guilty about my gear situation until I read about yours. I have 3 basses, 3 guitars, 3 heads, 4 cabs, and about 20 pedals. I also had a realization that I was not regularly using 50% of what I owned, so I just started cleaning house. I'm selling a bunch of pedals, 2 cabs, and one bass. It feels really good to get rid of that stuff, although there is a ping of regret that happens at the moment of the sale, I feel better after getting rid of it. I really only use 1 bass, 1 guitar, and two heads/cabs, and about 5-7 pedals. The rest of the stuff just sat in my rock room and collected dust. I also got "good deals" on most of the gear, and have been selling it for as much or more than what I paid for it.

    My advice, lighten the load, thin the herd. You'll feel better and have a bunch of extra cash.

    Which brings me to my second item:

    2) Are you still interested in selling that Gibson Ripper case? ;)
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    Jul 5, 2008
    I've only got 2 right now (EBMM Stingray 5 HH and some Peavey POS P-Bass copy that I love). I feel like I need 4 or 5 instruments.

    1. Stingray 5
    2. P-bass
    3. Jazz Bass
    4. Fretless something-or-rather
    5. Custom bass (in my case, probably a sweet F-bass)

    I also agree with the others that said to keep a big rig and a small rig. The article that was posted earlier about how many to have hit the nail on the head, too. Take the cash from selling 15 of those bass OP, and get some lessons or something like that.
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    Dec 10, 2004
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    Eventhough I gig regularly and can afford a new boutique bass every year I only have 2... and thats enough for me.
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    I have 19 basses - just counted the other day, and thought I was good at 15, then kept thinking of other basses I had tucked away in various parts of the house (and the county, to be fair - at least 4 are on loan). Now, combined, the basses are worth an average of about $300 each, or just under $6K total. They're all very interesting and unique, and selling them wouldn't do a whole lot to get me out from under the financial weight bearing down on me, so I keep 'em. Kinda weird, I know, but there it is.

    I have a bass that sounds like an upright but isn't.

    I have a bass that sounds like an ABG but really isn't.

    I have a bass that sounds like a Hofner but isn't.

    I have a bass that sounds and plays like a Geddy Lee but isn't.

    I have a bass that sounds like a '60 P-bass but isn't.

    I have a bass that looks like a giant toothpick with a garden hoe attachment but isn't.

    I have a bass that sounds heavier than a 30 year old B.C. Rich, but isn't.

    I have a bass that looks exactly like a '62 Fender Jazz in Oly White w/tort guart (and it ALMOST is - it's an '83 reissue).

    I have a bass that looks and sounds like a Starfire but isn't.

    And on and on and on.... some of these basses have earned me callbacks to the studio; the producers didn't want me playing so much as they wanted the sound of THAT BASS.

    Fear not; consider that you could be collecting needle tracks instead of basses, and then count yourself ahead of the game. :)
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    In a perfect world, you would have your main gigging bass, then a backup for same, and maybe a fretless. In my case, that is sort of what I have. I have the Peavey Millenium 5, a G&L/Moses hybrid L2500/totally passive, and a fretless spector 5. BUT, I also have a pair of Brice Douglas Jazz 5 strings. They are not worth enough to sell. For the $150 I could get for each, I'd rather keep them. That puts me at 5 basses. Oh, and I am looking into a EUB too....

  17. ...and I have yet to hear a bass that will give ya hepatitis. :p
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    Imagine this scene around your death bed with your children.

    Children, I know this funeral is going to cost a lot of money. But I don't have any. And I know I could have helped you all out financially in the future when you sell my house, but I'm renting my house. The house should've been paid off by now, but we decided to rent instead. When your mother looses my social security she won't be able to pay all the bills. Good luck.
  19. ......for only a doller a day, you TWO can have life insurance through TV Comercial Medical Group............
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    i had about 12 basses at one point,now down to 3 ricks,1 jazzbass clone,and a danelectro. i had several 60's vintage basses and guitars,but ultimately decided having money was better than having these just sitting around. i would like to pare down to 3,but i don't think that is gonna happen. on the amp front i have a little amp (ampeg 30w b12n tube),and a big amp (markbass 500w 1-12" combo.(altho the "little amp" weighs a lot more than the big one. one alesis keyboard,a mutron and an art phat-boy. that's plenty for me to play with! when i did have a bunch of basses at the same time,the maintenance issues drove me nutz....:help: