I don't really like my RH450...

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  1. rw3cja

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    May 24, 2011

    I have had the TC Electronic RH450 for a while now and although it has served me well, I have never been all that impressed by it. It sounds good, but I want something a bit better! I play a lot of old school funk and soul, and I have always found that the RH450 lacks the punchy bottom end that I am after.

    So, any suggestions for a more suitable amp? I am going to try playing the RH450 through a different cab (currently use a 2x10, want to try maybe a 12'' or 15'' to give me some more bottom end), but am leaning towards some sort of tube amp to give me that more vintage tone.

    I could maybe sell the RH450 for around the £400 mark, so suggestions in that price range would be appreciated! Although I am willing to go above.

  2. For old school funk and soul, I would seriously look at an Aguilar TH-500.
    Look up the TH-500 thread for lots of descriptions on tone ;)

    Edit: I play funk and jazz/grooves with a trio and use a TH-350 with a pair of DB112NT cabs, and it sits in perfectly. Also gig it with a single 15" or 12"... Love that amp.
  3. I think you can go with darn near any other brand ;)
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    Thinking that a larger cone is better for low end is a myth. Identical cabinets always work better together. You must also consider that the RH450 is still only a 236W amp no matter what algorithms used in its making. Sadly the same goes for the RH750!
  5. I moved from a RH450 to a Hartke 3500 and the difference in volume and tone were astonishing. The 3500 has huge low end and what sounded to me like at least double the power... and no wall to hit before I am satisfied. And the Hartke can be had for a song, here at least.
    Just passing along my experience.
  6. gene beauchamp

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    Jul 15, 2012
    I think there is more to it than the watts. I just returned my 450 that I wanted so bad. I got three heads in a week,a couple on trade and purchased a new 450. Well this Yamaha BBT500 that I got which is close in watts simply smokes the 450,much more clean punch and brilliant slap bass sound. The 450 doesnt have a strong punch but will do in a jam. If you are interested in the Yamaha I have it for sale. Good luck with your quest.
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    Not to bash, but I don't like them either. I had both an RH450 and a Staccato, and found them equally displeasing. Love the build quality and built-in features, but I thought they lacked clarity and sounded artificial and just plain bad. I tried them both with different speakers' configuration and got the same results. I'm now using a G-K MB500 with the same set of cabs, and it's night and day. . . like if I had lifted a blanket covering the cabs.

    Although the G-K sound is not "old school," it sounds plenty warm and old school with my P-Bass.

    But by you describe, I think that a Mesa Walkabout is what you are looking for.
  8. Gigged the rh450 for a couple years, great amp unless you want deep clear low end.
  9. Ive got the 450 classic, and assuming it's similar pre amp wise just witht he option to have pre sets, I'm not a huge fan, The only way I've found to like it is if I turn back the bass knob a bit. The shelving style eq on the low end starts too high, right where you get the punchy low mids, so you can't increase 250hz without also increasing 40hz. Mud city man, just muddy.
  10. peledog


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    Try the RS212 - I use that for larger gigs in conjunction with my RS210 and get a lot of low end punch. If you look for the RH450 club thread, there are a bunch of posts with parametric EQ settings that provide the tone you're after. I get a nice warm, round sound with a low mid punch on one of my presets.
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    Mar 8, 2011
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    I could never get behind those little TC amps either. They don't really suck, but I'd never use one either :)

    Some newer amps I think are pretty terrific include;

    Mesa Prodigy (though well above your stated budget)
    Aguilar TH500- awesome lightweight amp.
    GK MB Fusion-folks are divided, but I think they're pretty nice.
    Genz Benz Streamliner 900- Tubey sound, big low end, though a somewhat fussy midrange.

    Good luck in your search!
  12. ScottTunes

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    As much as I hate to mess around with settings, it took me a year of twiddling the EQ and compressor to find the Ampeg SVT tube sound TC claims this RH450 is modeled after. But once set up, I now find it very gratifying! And for it's lack of actual power, it drives a 2x15 cab loud enough to compete with my guitarist's Mesa 2-95 driving two 412 cabs.

    The Tone Hammer sounds really good though! That's the one tempting me right now...
  13. BassBuzzRS


    Oct 18, 2005
    What are your 450 settings for that?
  14. kikstand454

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    Sep 28, 2012
    I was going to say....... doesn't it have a semi parametric eq? Just shift where the shelving IS. You don't have to keep any of the factory eq centers......you can move them where you want. Seems like between that and the compressor and tube tone, you would THINK you'd be able to find something you like if you take the time to do it.
    (At least I hope so.......I'm GASsing for one......)
  15. majortoby


    Jul 2, 2009
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    I played one for a bit. Was massively unimpressed. It felt like a bass POD with only one model, and less flexible EQ. I did dig the form factor, but that was about all.
  16. wvbass


    Mar 1, 2004
    Wow, these have really fallen out of favor here. These days, I gig a Shuttle 9.0, but I never had any problem sounding good with my RH750. That amp probably got the most tone compliments for me since my redhead. I would still be gigging it if I hadn't gotten frustrated over the knob fiasco and bought the shuttle.
  17. majortoby


    Jul 2, 2009
    Tampa, Fl USA
    I'd really like to try a shuttle. I get the impression that with the right dirt pedal, you can get the sort of tones I'm after.
  18. sawzalot

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    Oct 18, 2007
    I agree, the guys in my band are constantly asking me (politely) to turn my RH750 down, and this is a very loud band. I love being able to set up three different presets for three different basses. And I've never had issues with it lacking low end--BUT it tends to sound much better with a 2x12 vs. a 2x10. I run it with an RS212 + RS210 stack and it just kills. It did take me a while to get the right frequency centers dialed in though, and mostly it's actually low mids and upper bass frequencies that really give that massive impact and cut through. It sounds really good to me--but if people keep talking them down, maybe I'll be able to pick up a second one used for cheap!

  19. Scottkarch


    Sep 11, 2012

  20. wvbass


    Mar 1, 2004
    While I think it funny how fickle people are (the revelations about power apparently made these amps sound different to lots of ears), I do understand not liking this amp. Its natural tone is a bit compressed, even when run clean. It sounds like the kind of compression a tube amp gives you when it is overdriving, without the overdrive. Also, the low end is always controlled, so if you want unlimited boom, you will be disappointed. And finally, the four bands of semiparametric eq are as much a curse as they are a blessing. You can really screw up your eq curve with that much flexibility.