I got a new bass!! (warwick!)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by beelzelboss, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I got myself one new 02 warwick rockbass streamer 5 sting.


    Its beautiful, I got it from a fellow TBer, its been to Iraq and back to the states, and there is not a ding on it! I LOVE IT.

    This is my first fiver and boy do i feel like a total nub again, i so want to now learn how to actually play, and how to pop and slap so i can actually have some feel to me. heeh. Let me get the pics up. War1.jpg

    i love it. i don't how to explain, i just love it:D

    so does anyone want to point me to some fun songs to play (not pop and slap, i don't how to do it yet) that include the low B?

    trying to learn some dream theater but there stuff is hard! And someone want to point me to the clubs?:D
  2. New bass day [NBD] is thrilling! Very nice!

    You'll get used to 5 strings relatively fast ... it's a natural conversion
  3. 6Steve6Harris6

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    Sep 12, 2008
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    Just play what you'd normally play on the E string, except you just transfer that to the B string.

    You'd be surprised how different playing an E on the B, and playing the open E sounds (just as an example). It really opens up a whole new palette of sounds for you to explore.

    Oh yeah! Sick bass! Never seen a Strat jack on a 'Wick before.
  4. badboy1984


    Mar 27, 2007
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    Most Rockbass Warwick uses Strat style jack. They do give you that growl similar to warwick, but is different.

    I miss the 5 string sound when i sold the 5 string and kept the 2 4 string i got atm
  5. phunku


    Jan 9, 2008
    London, England
    nice 5 string man!

    Ive beeen thinking bout getting a 5iver recently!

    very nice, hope you enjoy it
  6. ya, i'm away for the weekend now unfortuentally, but omg i'm excited to play it... When you say just play the stuff on the E string but on the B string. but that wouldn't work because the E on the B would be the 5th fret... so i would just play really high up.. thats sorta pointless.

    Like whats an actual band that uses a the fifth string? progressive rock would be nice:D
  7. So i got to really sit down and play it now, wow. thats all i can say. I don't really play a lot of other basses, well this is my second bass actually, but I LOVE how it plays.
    To those who own one, what do you guys think?
  8. A 5 string will become second nature for you.When it comes time for me to grab a bass,I go for the 5er,everytime.Four strings is too awkward.I miss that low B something awful.FIRST TIP ON PLAYING A 5 STRING:DO NOT,I REPEAT,DO NOT OVERUSE THAT LOW B STRING.Theres nothing worse than a bunch of mush coming through your speakers.Use it like your salting your food.Not too much!
  9. ya, i figured not to use to much of it. Its great, i love it!
  10. little-ripper

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    Jan 21, 2008
    nice bass! i have the fretless four version, and its got a real nice sound. hope you like it!
  11. lol i'd prefer to have a clean b string that i can use whenever the heck i want vs. trying to 'not use too much.' ;)

    i started playing bass on a 5 string...i don't even know why i did, but i'm glad i did. i can deal with 4 strings, but i love my 5 and 6 string basses.

    i was pretty big into korn, lol...maybe that's what it was. you don't necessarily even have to leave it set up for low B...you can add a higher string and tune E-A-D-G-C. That requires different/lighter gauge strings and possibly a neck/bridge adjustment...take it to a tech if you need help!

    rock on! :bassist:
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    May 30, 2008
    The package by a perfect circle (on thirteenth step) is a fairly simple song to get that low b started, its in standard tuning as well
  13. thanks guys! love the help and encouragement i can find from total strangers on here lol... So i opened it up today and found the input jack to be very simple. Like its just got one thing touching it.. toally open and all. Just thought that was funny.
  14. Marley's Ghost

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    If your low b sounds like mush then you must:

    a) have a bad setup
    b) really cheap bass
    c) poor strings

    or combination of above.

    The whole point of a 5er is not a thumb rest,but it allows you to play more notes without having to move up and down the neck. And having the ability to play notes below E.

    The low b on my Bongo is clear as a bell.:smug: