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I need more "big"

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Thunderscreech, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. the band I'm in, Ganon, is a 2 man doom/sludge/drone/stoner/loud metal band. I've been having trouble, as the sole stringed-instrument player, filling all the sonic space.

    The dilemma, as I see it, is that my tone is clearly not big enough. Aside from aquiring sevral Sunn amps, what things can I do with effects to make my tone have more big?

    I have a tech 21 XXL B, Metal Muff, MT-2 Metal Zone, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, Digitech Bass Multichorus, MXR Jimi Hendrix Classic Fuzz (the JH-25 version), and a Rocktron Heart Attack. If it involves any of those, it's game.
  2. RCCollins

    RCCollins Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    San Diego, California
    you could consider a bass boost of some sort, but if you amp EQ isn't doing it for you, it might be time to go with an actual all-tube head (doesn't have to be a vintage sunn) or maybe try different pickups (or a higher-end bass) - assuming that your profile gear is current

    it honestly doesn't sound like an effects problem to me

    also, you might try playing closer to the neck, blah blah blah... but you knew that already
  3. rratajski

    rratajski Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    Mount Laurel, NJ
    Are you set up in stereo?

    You can loop into one head/cab and play through another...Basically it would be like two basses.
  4. RCCollins

    RCCollins Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2008
    San Diego, California
    or he could use a chorus at really a really mild setting for some thickening, like corn starch in the gravy
  5. UncleFluffy


    Mar 8, 2009
    Head Tinkerer, The Flufflab
    What are you playing? Single notes - double stops - chords?
  6. Happynoj


    Dec 5, 2006
    I like turtles.
    I think that the problem is that you aren't filling the entire frequency range, which is why it sounds empty - you need more frequency.

    My suggestion is to play more notes, and play them faster - the audience will hear notes with more frequency, so the gaps in the frequency range should be filled in nicely. If it still sounds empty then you aren't playing enough notes, and definitely not fast enough.
  7. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    Big, loud amps.
  8. fishtx

    fishtx Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Endorsing Artist: Genzler Amplification/Spector Basses/Mojo Hand FX
    Octave pedal...
  9. Delay pedal!

    And yeah, playing more notes. Double stops. Get a banjo string ;)
  10. Valerus


    Aug 4, 2005
    Austin, Texas
    fuzz+sustain+amps at 11
  11. From these answers, this band will sound like the sludge version of Lightning bolt.

    Not that that is a bad thing.
  12. takfar


    Dec 21, 2008
    I'd say octaver... Plus, blend in your clean signal on top of all the distortions.
  13. The distortions that you have seem to be really harsh. Maybe (if this is an option) split your signal into two different amps, and use different sounding drives on each one. I play in a hardcore band, and we lost one of our guitarists a few months back, so our one guitarist has taken to using our drummer's Mesa/Boogie F-100 combo in addition to his own Marshall JCM2000 half stack. The Mesa has a really high-gain, modern, kind of scooped sound and the Marshall is set up for a more old-school, midrangy rock and roll sound. Together, they sound HUGE.
  14. HogieWan


    Feb 4, 2008
    Lafayette, LA
    If you want the amp tone, Line 6 pod through a PA will give you the tone of some monster Sunns, and you can run 2 at once.

    Try getting an 8 or 12 string (octave courses) bass, so that you're filling up more of the sonic landscape.

    I'm guessing 2-man is you and a drummer. You could also find a guitar player
  15. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    Or a 2nd bass player! I know of a band that has 2 bass players + 1 baritone guitar.

    There's a thought - try something like the Gretsch Jet Baritone, 6 strings, spaced more like a guitar, but long scale and in the same octave range as a regular bass but with 2 extra strings up top. That'll be real easy to rip out stomach churning power chords on!

    Try running 2 amps, linked by a slow and subtle stereo chorus pedal, one slightly dirty, one fuzzed to hell.
  16. I have thought about this, but the main reason I haven't done it is that I lack a blender.

    I've thought of doing that, too. The only problem I ran into was the wattage gap between a 250 watt head with a 4x10 and a 1x15 and a little 100 watt 1x15 combo. If I had, say, a 200 watt PA with a SansAmp doing light grit and then my 250 Watt Laney with the full-on grind, would that work the same way?

    I have a Pocket Pod. Will that work?

    I have thought about this before, albeit with a 10-string dual course. So far the five string OLP puts out the big pretty well, but that is worth considering.
    This might happen.
  17. moose23


    Dec 27, 2007
    Builder Moose23 Electronics
    A guitar amp run parallel to your bass amp.
  18. Yo,
    need big? need frequency filling? dont wanna spend buck on 8/12 string basses?


    Micropog - like the guitarist who is following YOUR lead!

    *Mr. Matthews, can i have my cheque now?*

    +1 to dual amp setups.

    -1 pocket pod - even the Fender Bassman model is a guitar model.

    personally id say ditch the Metal muff and the MT-2 i hated both on bass, couldnt get any decent lows on them - but if it DOES work for you, then hell, go to town on it

    At the risk of sounding Cliché - get a bass big muff? the price is right and it has a clean blend built in and stereo outputs.
  19. The PA thing might work ok, but the odds are that if you're plugging in through PA speakers without subs, you're going to lack a lot of bottom end. Most PA speakers' frequency responses drop like a rock after about 75hz. I wouldn't be afraid to try that with the BA115. It's a pretty solid amp that puts out a lot more sound than it seems like it would.
  20. rratajski

    rratajski Commercial User

    Jul 1, 2008
    Mount Laurel, NJ
    ...and let's face it. Those of us playing hardcore, doom, sludge, etc aren't always playing at a joint that has a PA that can even handle vocals over our amps.

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