Installing a set of mutes on a pre-EB Stingray

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    Apr 6, 2013
    Oslo, Norway
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    I recently acquired a very funky and very beaten up'78 Stingray.
    At some point the mutes had been removed, but the screws where present.
    I got a replacement set from Ernie Ball UK* and installed them today.
    First I loosened all the strings a lot, then I removed the two hex screws that hold the bridge in place and the mute-screws. Then I lifted the bridge and carefully put the mutes in position


    Put on the screws


    And done! Like new :D


    I actually got two sets, one for my 1979 fretless Stingray too: it had the mutes, but they were all dried up and not functional (I know I could have juste replaced the foam, but I wanted to keep the old mutes original just in case).

    * getting the mutes shipped to Norway was a complete hassle!
    Ernie Ball UK only ships to the UK and the Norwegian distributor had no idea of what I was talking about... In the end I had the mutes shipped to a friend in Brighton who then sent them to me.
    I mean come on! Totally unnecessary... it's the Internet age, ship internationally already!