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  1. Yup, after many years of want. I finally 'pulled the trigger' (as you Americans would say !!) and ordered a Sei 7 from Martin Petersen in London.

    I've admired his work for many years and, finally, I've placed an order.

    Spec goes like this:

    Style: 7 string Flamboyant offset
    Colour: purple dye gloss finish
    Facing: Figured lacewood, full facing front and back
    Veneer: Pink
    Main body: Walnut

    7 piece neck - wenge and maple - headed.
    Headstock veneer to match body.
    Carbon fibre neck reinforcement

    24 fret fingerboard with binding
    Birds Eye Maple
    Regular frets
    Side dots only
    Owners Signature at 12th fret

    ABM hardware. Black

    1 Kent Armstrong humbucker
    1 volume control
    Rout for preamp (possible upgrade later)
    Concealed coil tap button by output jack
    Neutrik jack

    ...and the first pics are in already in. Here's the lacewood which Martin had in stock.

    I'm so excited, but will have to wait 8 months for it to be completed. That's not so bad as I've waited years just to place an order !!
  2. Lo end PUNCH

    Lo end PUNCH

    Jan 28, 2005
    Headless man!!!,headless!!!,headless!!!.........it's STILL gonna be cool though.:)
  3. Name Changed

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    Apr 22, 2006
    that is the worst custom order i have ever heard. but if you like it, than you like it.:meh: :bassist:

    you are gonna be :bawl: :crying: when you first open the case.
  4. SoComSurfing

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    Feb 15, 2002
    Mobile, Al
    Sounds interesting. I can't wait to see pics of this one a little further towards completion. The only thing that turns me off is the signature on the fingerboard. I hope you really know this is the bass for you! Otherwise, congrats on "pulling the trigger"! :D
  5. Ostinato

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    That's....wow purple with a pink accent. Sure you didn't pull the trigger and shoot yourself in the foot by accident?
  6. It sounds like you will be getting a very "unique" bass (;))
    i hope you post some progress pics!
  7. Ha, ha !! We're not talking neon pink here, just a pinkish hue !! (material TBA) I'm incorporating my girlfriends fave colour !!
  8. It's just my initials rather than a full signature, just an M and a D !!
  9. But that's the great things about custom orders. Lacewood basses are kinda rare for starters !!
  10. Martin is a great guy and a fantastic luthier - you're going to love it!
  11. If its anything like the other Seis I've seen (pictures of) then it should be a real beauty! You better gig with it in Glasgow so I can see one in person!
  12. JKwo


    Jan 12, 2006
    Pinkish hues are actually pretty sweet looking on basses, imo. Congrats!
  13. Agreed !! I've admired his work for years. He's got to be one of the finest luthiers around. I take it you've got a Sei already...???!!
  14. Yup, I'll be gigging with it alright !! This bass is going to be awesome !!

  15. Not yet - but he has worked on two of my basses, and I had a chance to see some of the things he was working on in his shop. I found it very cool that he didn't "diss" my relatively inexpensive basses, he actually had a look over them and found some of the features and ideas interesting.

    He also made a pair of fretted / fretless headless six strings that a teacher at my school (I'm studying singing) uses. VERY nice.

    Very cool guy - definitely want to get my hands on some of his work in future.
  16. Paddy


    Apr 19, 2005
    Kent England
    Congrats and thanks for the pm - consider me subscribed :cool:

    Believe me the waiting is painful - sounds like an interesting project and I'm looking forward to seeing progress. Won't be long before XOBionic and Matthew Foote get on board here

    Looks like a lovely piece of wood for the facings. Martin and I spent such a long time with different woods putting thinner on each bit so you could get some kind of idea how they would turn out - really nice guy.

    Later and cya in the support group
  17. Did I hear my name being called!

    I think this will be a stunning bass and will be watching this thread with great interest to see when it will be completed.

    I willl run up to the Gallery and play it before 7string does and report back here with photo's and spoil all 7strings fun :bag:

  18. As an American I can honestly say I have never heard anyone refer to "Pulling the Trigger" in the sense you have used it in.
  19. Paddy


    Apr 19, 2005
    Kent England
    I have :p - check out the Custom Bass Support Group.

    Hey Matthew - hope all is well with you. How you getting on with that baby Sei of yours. 3 months in and no photos yet for me - my patience is wearing out :help: Also still haven't made decisions about my electronics.

    7 String - If you want some reading to keep you going check out Matthew's build thread on his 7 string Sei Matthews Build Thread. It convinced me to "Pull the trigger". I think XO's got a build thread somewhere as well.

  20. Did someone call? :D

    You'll get a fantastic bass, that much is certain! The way he seems to work is, you'll very quickly have a neck blank and a body shape - you'll see it and be utterly impressed. Then you'll see it again a few months later and it'll be exactly the same, possibly with a fingerboard, and you'll worry that not much has been done. Then, finally, the rest all happens really quickly, and before you know it, you'll have your new beastie! But that's how Martin works!

    Going to finally get him going on my next Sei within the next couple of months... it's going to be a sixer. :D