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leave clip-on tuner on while performing?

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Killed_by_Death, Jan 9, 2021.

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  2. There was a built-in tuner called N-Tune which replaces the volume control. Here's one on my Lakland:
    Pulling up on the volume knob mutes the instrument, push it in to play. Don't have to drill any holes in the bass, no permanent mods needed. The specs say +/- 2 cents accuracy, A0-A7 range, and it does read the open low B string (B0).

    N-Tune seems to have gone away and their website is gone. Great idea though - someone should do another version.

    Here's some pics of the box:

    Attached Files:

  3. Ooops, sorry for the extra-large pics above. First time posting pics here....
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  4. I dig that, but where does the battery pack go?
  5. In my bass, it's wired to get power from the same 9v battery as the preamp. The N-Tune isn't a contact-type tuner (unlike the topic title), it's wired in and replaces the volume control. There's a clip-mount included for adding a battery to a passive instrument - and you're on your own about routing a battery box.

    The pull-up switch that mutes the instrument also controls the N-Tune power on/off so it doesn't drain power or create noise (or be visually distracting) when not in use.
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  6. I watched a Return To Forever concert last night on YouTube. 2008. Al Di Meloa used a tuner on his classical guitar the whole time he played it.
    Btw, he and everyone else is awesome. I will never get to that level.
  7. This is a great idea that I'd love to have for my basses.

    Our guitarist has a chambered Les Paul with a built in tuning feature that works fantastic, so this type of thing exists in some form anyway.
  8. Gordon Mills

    Gordon Mills

    Apr 26, 2020
    I guess that kneecaps the tuner snobs, looking down their noses. If you leave it there, you never have to look for it.
  9. Polkatronixx


    Jan 28, 2019
    I've nothing against leaving a tuner on a guitar whilst performing - but Al Di Meola is the kind of bellend who thinks it's cool to put 'sexy' women on his album covers, poses shirtless and actually titled an album "Kiss My Axe". So he may be talented, but I'd not use him as an example of anything being acceptable.
  10. Polkatronixx


    Jan 28, 2019
    There's no doubt Di Meola is very talented - and I totally get that you might like his music. But the point I was making was that Di Meola is known for all sorts of aesthetically-questionable decisions*. As this thread developed, it appeared (at least to me) that the OP was asking about this as a question of aesthetics, not utility. As such, I wouldn't rely on the judgement of Al Di Meola. However, YMMV or whatever.

    Pro tip - if you "don't want to argue," don't post opinions on public forums like this. But I wouldn't say I was arguing with you so much as just disagreeing with your conclusion.

    *As I typed this, I also remembered his anti-hip hop tirade many years ago - so he's also a bit of a dick.
  11. zon5string

    zon5string Supporting Member

    Aug 20, 2007
    San Diego, CA
    My basses stay in tune. I check the tuning when we start playing (usually). Seldom need to mess with it after that. I attach the tuner, tune, then put the tuner away. I cast no judgment on those who opt to leave it hanging off the headstock.
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  12. Sorry you turned his 80’s album into hate for the man. Thing were different then. , but that’s no excuse.
    Also the topic us about leaving a tuner on your headstock while performing.

    There are countless albums and works of art like that.

    I don’t want to argue.
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  13. Polkatronixx


    Jan 28, 2019
    I thought yesterday was Groundhog Day.
  14. I thought that you deleted your posts and was doing the same. Peace out.
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  15. Polkatronixx


    Jan 28, 2019
    Okay. I was just confused! In any event, have a good day.
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  16. mexicant


    Aug 28, 2012
    Mid Michigan,USA
    I try to remember the lyrics,bass line, to smile,to quit looking at my fingers,to move...etc. the tuners comes way down on my priority list!

    He has a Peacock Chair Album Cover. :hyper:

    Off to the Peacock Chair Album Cover thread. It has not been bumped for a while.

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  18. H. Bob

    H. Bob

    Dec 22, 2007
    New York
    Vain is correct, the adjective form of vanity. A vein is a blood vessel, line of ore, or genre. Unless you were trying to make a joke I don't understand.
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  19. Volker Kirstein

    Volker Kirstein Blippy the Wonder Slug Supporting Member

    There's also vane, like a weather vane.
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  20. Polkatronixx


    Jan 28, 2019
    I think the joke was that the post read, "It seems a bid vain..."

    Obviously the spelling error was "bid" not "vain".
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    Apr 23, 2021

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