Matching Headstock Blues

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  1. I have a bass in shipping that should be a keeper. It does however have a matching sunburst headstock. Perhaps a matching black headstock for a metal bass or an all white bass like Larry Graham's Moon Bass, but this sunburnt headstock has me looking for an answer.

    Suggestions? Sanding then replacement decal? Brown paint?
    0719161746_HDR.jpg 0719161745a_HDR.jpg 0719161746a_HDR.jpg 0719161745_HDR.jpg
    Note: This is the same model bass but the pics I posted are not the same bass that's on the truck.

    I wanted the best pics to give the best detail and these are the best I could find. They are from an old classified ad.
  2. A lot of people put a premium on matching headstocks. If it bugs you that bad, and you're going to have this bass for a very long time, I guess you'll need a "solution" to the "problem." But for re-sale, and just the general admiration of the significant number of people who dig it, you might want to think about this for awhile.
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    Skin it and clear coat.
  4. This headstock "problem" is more like a headtrip then? I leave the option open that I could be way off and procrastination may be in order here as it may grow on me.
  5. Is there a gel to put on to speed up the process?
    I tried to find a suitable Ibanez decal but to no avail.
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    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    Not that I know of but might be worth a shot and easier than sanding, staining, etc
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  7. B-Mac

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    Sell it
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  8. cdef


    Jul 18, 2003
    IMHO it won't look any better with a stripped headstock. It's the way it is by design, and ought to stay so.
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    Remove the tuning machines, mask off the sides and the nut, and spray it satin black enamel without sanding or scuffing the poly. Reassemble and enjoy the Spinal Tap "none more black" headstock! It will look more custom with no logo, and you can always easily remove the black paint and the indestructible poly finish will still be there.
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  10. B-Mac

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    What’s the problem? You don’t like matching headstocks? They’re usually sought after.

    Get some black contact paper and cover it temporarily, but please don’t hack up this great looking bass.

    Or sell it and look for something nice and meh.
  11. Pilgrim

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    Any modification like this reduces the value of the instrument, and unless done carefully and with great care, looks bad.

    I'm among those who prefer matching headstocks. Certainly if you take the logo off and re-paint the headstock, you make the bass less visually desirable as well as reducing the resale value.

    I suggest buying a bass that doesn't have a matching headstock.
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    i like blue basses with matching headstocks so i was suckered into entering this thread...
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  13. B-Mac

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  14. Ian McLaughlin

    Ian McLaughlin

    Aug 11, 2018
    Schmear some black silicone on it with a plastic putty knife, then rub it off when you sell it.

    I think it's fine the way it is, looks sharp!
  15. dalkowski

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    Live with it or sell it.
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    When is the last time you looked at your headstock while playing?
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  17. Malak the Mad

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    Don’t. Just...don’t. :rollno:
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  18. wintremute

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    Looks good as-is. It will grow on you.
  19. Neck swap, and keep it for when you do sell it.
    I don’t care for matching neck and body colors myself, unless natural.
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  20. Ian McLaughlin

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    Aug 11, 2018
    I believe this is the correct answer. Better than mine.
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