Modern day equivalent to Taurus pedals

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  1. Hello

    I play in a three piece band. I'm a huge Rush fan, but we don't play any Rush, hehehe.

    Our band has a great singer/guitarist/keys player. Unfortunately, he can only play guitars or keys individually. He's only human after all :D

    I know that Geddy used to play keys using Taurus pedals to trigger the synth. I am wondering if there is something along those lines in modern technology that I could buy so that I could add some synth beds to our music.

    Could anyone please give me info on what to use, how to set it up etc...

    I know the keyboard fairly well, but want to get some footpedal kind of setup. Do I need to buy a synth, or just a module etc...

    Any advice would be great, friends..
  2. keb


    Mar 30, 2004
    A MIDI foot controller like this: MIDI'ed up to a synth or rack synth module. For a Taurus-like sound I'd go for an analog or virtual-analog synth (I hear the Alesis Ion/Micron have a Taurus patch on 'em, but I haven't heard it myself.)

    Man, there's nothing like those classic Taurus pedals. I love that sound! For my own home studio use, I made a Taurus-like patch in my Arturia Minimoog softsynth that I kick in here and there when I want that "bwwwaaaaaarrrrmmmmmmmmmmmm...."
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    There's a guy that sells 'em on ebay too. There's even a "Saurus" pedal that uses a true analog synth, similar to the Taurus.

    As far as affordable sound banks go, the Alesis NanoBass has a pretty good Taurus patch on it... as well as some other nice synth patches.