Mosrite Inspired Build

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  1. This all started over in the general bass forum when someone asked what your ultimate bass would be. I replied that it would have a Mosrite body and a Modulus 5-string neck. After thinking about it for a while I decided I would attempt to build this dream bass. The Modulus neck would be out of my price range, but I took a tracing of my Mosrite bass body and had a guy build one for me. I love my Carvin fretless bass so I ordered a 5-string neck from them. I have some EMG pickups and a BQC in my parts box and I think I can fabricate a bridge and string retainer similar to the original Mostire.

    Here are a few pics of what I have so far.

    Rick B.

    The body as I received it. I have done some additional contouring on the horns to bring out more of the original shape.

    Neck with body.


    Nice birdseye on the fingerboard.

    Possibly enough room for a Mosrite-style bridge and tailpiece.

    Pickups? I have 3 I could always buy more. :)

    I spent 10 minutes drilling and fitting this prototype bridge saddle.
  2. subbed! Mosrites are cool!
  3. nice modern take on a classic. :)
  4. I roughed out a brdge and tailpiece frame but I'm not sure I'm going to use them. Hipshot has a D-style bridge with tailpiece that would look great on the bass. If can find someone who sells it for less than $200.00 I'll use one of those.

    Rick B.

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    Cool build.....sub'd.
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    my pants don't fit anymore...
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    The neck and body were already looking good, but the bridge is absolutely brilliant.
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    Man, that looks good. I'm dying to put together a 3 pickup bass. Prob. JPJ for mine.
  9. That's a cool take on a 2 piece bridge! Hipshot prices are high indeed...nice way to save some dough! Did you machine the whole thing?
  10. Cool Bridge, kinda genius actually! You should use it, but I'd be weary of the aluminum tailpiece bending...maybe if you put the holes really low. Hard to tell from just pics.

    Are those barrel nuts flat on the other side? You could flip them and file nice round-bottom channels in them...

    Subbed, for the bridge, and the Mosrite inspiration. Love those. I'm working on a little Mosrite-ish project myself!
  11. I have give credit where credit's due here. I'm just emulating the original Mosrite bridge design, not breaking any new ground. The reason I'm hesitant to use the bridge is that it's so much bulkier than the original.

    One thing I may do is use the Hipshot D-style bridge with the wood tailpiece. I can save almost $100.00 and since I'm planning on making a bridge cover the bass will still have a more original look.

    Rick B.

  12. Here is another attempt at a bridge. If there isn't enough clearance for the strings at the front I can always make another one and lower the screws further. The tailpiece is still being shaped. I just started on that today.

    Rick B.

  13. I did some practicing with the router and finally managed to get the neck pocket cut. I'm still looking for a reasonable price on a Hipshot D-style bridge because I'm not satisfied with how the self-made parts are looking. I can always use the Carvin bridge that they use with thie neck as plan B.

    Rick B.

  14. Very cool. Warwick makes a nice two piece bridge. I found this one on ebay for $95. You could also check with Dana B. Goods and see if they have anything. You might have to route the body a bit for them to sit at the correct height though.
  15. I remember seeing that Warwick bridge on ebay. I want to use chrome hardware on this bass so I passed that one up. I contacted an ebay seller who had a Hipshot 4-string bridge listed a week ago but I haven't heard back.

    Dana B. Goods doesn't list Warwick on their website. I wonder if they are still the distributor.

    I know the Carvin bridge will work but I'd really like a 2-piece bridge to keep the 'inspired' look.

    Rick B.
  16. I don't know if Dana B is still an official distributer, but I know they have Warwick stuff listed on eBay, and they were extremely helpful when I was trying to find some OEM fretwire for a project I'm working on. Their eBay name is dbgoods. You might email them if you can't find anything else.

    I also ran across this: but I don't think they make a five string version.

    If nothing else, the bridge you made looks awesome. Good luck with the rest of the build.
  17. Well, I think the 5th tme is the charm for the bridge. This one looks identical to the previous one from the top but I cut the vertical piece shorter so that there is plenty of clearance for the strings. I also shortened and narrowed the tailpiece in both directions so it doesn't look so bulky.

    Rick B.

  18. Lookin' sharp. What color will this beauty be?

    Cool, I just realized I'm down the 495 from you (I'm near the Cape.) If I attend another TB GTG, I'd love to see this.
  19. I'm leaning towards a blue that's similar to the original but I haven't made a final decision.

    Rick B.

  20. I took a look at your website. You have some really cool stuff going on in your shop. I'd love to see it some time.

    I could really use one of those guitar-building robots. My toolset consists of a hammer, screwdriver and a spoon.

    Rick B.