MTD Kingston AG 6 vs. Peavey Cirrus 6

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  1. Good Afternoon to all!

    I do not post so often because so far I've been able to find all the info needed thanks to your posts and threads.
    Although this time seems to be nothing about one of the basses in topic and I will appreciate any piece of advice given.
    Right now I am making up my mind whether to sell a Yamaha TRBJP 1 that I've had for some years (bought it brand-new) and getting instead either a MTD Kingston AG6 or a Peavey Cirrus 6 (American), but seems that nobody has bought the former instrument yet or, if so, there has not been any posts regarding such bass....or maybe I just have not looked properly. The reason why I want to get rid of the Yamaha is simple: I prefer the sound more a la Ken Smith or Tobias, but those instruments are a bit too pricey for me now. Also, I do not live in the U.S, so it makes things a bit more difficult to me. Any advice would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks for reading and my best wishes to all of you.

  2. BigLoopDuke


    Jan 2, 2007
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    I'm curious to hear any feedback on the MTD AG, as well. AG's youtube video looks pretty good.
  3. Noonan768


    Jul 6, 2009
    St Johns, FL
    I can tell you I have played the Cirrus 6 and I was very impressed.. But I wouldn't trade it for a minute for my MTD K5. The tone, the comfort of the neck.. all of it just kills the peavey. I haven't had the chance to try the AG yet.. But I'm hearing lots of good things from my MTD brothers who have.
  4. Yeah, the K5 is a very different beast from the USA Cirrus. I like both of them and while owning a Cirrus 6'er myself, the K5, if I had one, would definitely get played as well.

    My Cirrus does what it does very well. I like it for smoother tones and fast, staccato playing. I can't slap on it though. The spacing is just a bit too narrow and I'm not too fond of the slap tone on my Cirrus. I have a 5 string Elrick for that and it's a beast when slapped!
  5. Thanks you guys for your input. Noonan768 mentioned that some friends of yours own an MTD Kingston AG. Is the sound of it similar to a MTD KZ6?
    This is what I am looking for in terms of sound:
    Purpose By Design medley (shed) - YouTube

    Thanks once again.
  6. Noonan768


    Jul 6, 2009
    St Johns, FL
    From what I'm hearing.. It's gonna sound even better. The Barts are specially designed for MTD. Andrew speced it out with Mike. This thing will be a beast. guaranteed. Smooth. The standard Z6 comes with the wooden pick ups. I personally like them. But the AG and the guy in the video are using the Barts.

    Here is a video of the USA custom version demoed by AG himself.. The Kingston is very close to this.
    MTD Andrew Gouche Signature Bass Demo - YouTube

    I think the MTD would be a better option..
  7. Thanks, man! I really appreciate your valuable input.:bassist:
  8. Vakmere


    Sep 6, 2007
    The bass in that video was modded with Ken Smith pickups and an OBP3. No wonder it sounds killer.
  9. For what it's worth, I just purchased an AG 6, and used to own a Cirrus, so I'll be glad to post (very late post!) once I receive the AG, do whatever setup and play it for a bit! Really excited. AG is the reason I'm even playing bass today!
  10. phillybass101


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    A fellow TBer named Virgil has the AG and he really liks his. I'd send him a PM to see exactly what he thinks.
  11. churchpark


    Jun 21, 2007
    THe MD Kinsgston AG models has been out for almost a year now and still no DEMO videos.

    Why? :spit:
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    I own a MTD Kingston AG-6. It gets the most play time of any instrument I currently own. About the only tone I can't get out of it is the NY Jazz Bass tone for which I have a Carvin SB5000 and a Fender Jazz 24V. The MTD cuts through the mix with ease without being brittle. Very articulate and a breeze to play. Feel is great, tone is great and with the purpleheart fretboard and custom finish it looks every bit as good as it sounds.

    Here is a link to Jaquo III-X playing my personal AG-6 at this years winter NAMM show for those that want a better idea of what this bass is about.

    Hope this helps.
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