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    Oct 8, 2007
    sheffield, england
    i got an old ROOST amplifier and gutted it apart from the transformers and built myself my ideal amp and i have to say its quite loud, i'll have to borrow a tone generator tommorow and measure how many watts its putting out.

    The design is essentially a Orange MKII preamp coupled with a Hiwatt 6XEL34 power amp so my guess is it puts out a healthy 150 watts. Only downside is the Enclosure could do with a bit of a refinish as its seen better days! my plans for it are to retolex it green



  2. Wow, that looks really interesting. Orange preamp + Hiwatt power amp sounds like a fantastic combo! I'd be interested to hear a review and some clips.
  3. That Roost amp is interesting.
    Looks like a Sound City chassis, and are those transformers Partridge?
    Where was the amp made originally?