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  1. Hi, im looking for a rather inexpensive setup($100-200) that i can use to record 2 channels (needs to have atleast 2 mic inputs and one 1/4" input). Ill be using a sony vaio computer with 512 ram and a sb live soundcard. Most of the stuff i plan on buying is from ebay. Right now im looking at the m-audio moblie pre usb but are there any other options? Could i just buy a mixer and then have audio outs to my soundcard and does my sound card have the right inputs? As for software i think ill just use audacity and then magix audio cleaning lab. I also need a cheap mic for recording an upright. I would appreiciate any suggestions. Please dont say "just use the search button" i am doing that.

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    Forget the SB card, just get a dedicated USB recording interface like the M-Audio or the Tascam 122. Tascam has some advantages: it is also a MIDI interface (in case you expand into using MIDI) and comes with both recording and sequencing's ready to go out of the box and only $200 everywhere brand new.