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  1. For_Ironys_Sake


    Jul 7, 2008
    Ok, so I'm still very new to bass (6 months), and I'm looking for a new amp. The one I have now isn't that great (can only geta bare sound on it), and also I'm getting a new bass (same reason as my amp, it sucks) soon so I figured I should have good amp to compliment it.

    The Problem is... I know nothing about brands, quality, etc.

    Whats a good step-up from some crappy knock-off 10 watt??

    Fender Rumble? I've heard things, but I dunno

    oh ya, i'm not on the highest budget either (work at Chik fil a)

    So... like 300 hundred at the most
  2. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    Pretty near anything that's bigger and has more power will be an improvement.

    I wouldn't buy a Fender Rumble unless it was an exceptional deal. For $300 you can find a new Yorkville XM50C or the new replacement for it, the Traynor Dynabass 50. Both of these amps will be a vast improvement. For $300 you won't be getting anything to gig with or even play at rehearsals with a loud band.

    You can buy used and sometimes find a fairly loud Peavey that will be suitable for rehearsals and small clubs. But if you know nothing, as you say, you're at the mercy of the seller. Take along an experienced bassist if you're going to audition something used.

    New, look at Yorkville, Traynor, Peavey and maybe Ashdown, although I've never used one. And bear in mind that for about $300 you only get something suitable for practice at home.

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