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NFL 2018 Week #14

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by mrpackerguy, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. mrpackerguy

    mrpackerguy Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2004
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Falcons at GB Rockwood Lodge

    Should be pretty easy for Atlanta. Packers are in complete disaray.

    Pack 14
    Atlanta 34
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  2. Hey Mr. Packerguy, they let McCarthy go; as a fan, was it time for a change, and was this the right one? From afar, it seemed to be a good pairing of coach/QB.
  3. 97-48?

    Who the heck is this guy? :confused:

    What do I know? Saints lose to Cows :spit:

    I told you so? sCamrolina ;)

    On to week 14!


    Jaguars @ Titans - Yeah, the Jags remembered how to play defense. Problem is, the Titans know how to also, and the Jags won't win with 6 points in Nashvegas. Jaguars 10 Titans 24

    Sunday Early Games:

    Jets @ Bills - Playing out the string time begins for a lot of teams now...and here's example #1. Who. Cares? I doubt even the fans of these teams do at this point. Home field 3. Jets 14 Bills 17

    Panthers @ Browns - Why break a streak now? ;) Which Pampers position coach gets the blame this week? Who cares, someone will take the blame for Rivera not being as good as everyone thought he was...or sCam either.... Pampers 20 Browns 24

    Falcons @ Packers - mrpackerguy, you are VASTLY overestimating the Fails. Trust me, this is a team that will always find a way to take a sure thing and turn it into a pile of poo. First game bump for the Pack, they take the 11 guys ATL has acting like an NFL defense to school, and yet again, somehow, Marty Rice blows it for the Fails. 28 & 3ers 24 Packers 31

    Colts @ Texans - As much as I'd like to see Luck continue to be lucky, it just isn't in the cards this year - and the Texans are too much for them. They will keep it close however. Colts 20 Texans 24

    Ravens @ Chiefs - Upset special. Lacking their RB didn't hurt the Chiefs against the Raiders, but it will this week. Mahomes gets his face-plant game, in front of a home crowd, no less. Ravens 24 Chiefs 20

    Patriots @ Dolphins - Right. Pats won't win it all this year, but they'll easily win this game, and their weak-@$$ division yet again. Pats 34 Phins 17

    Saints @ Buccaneers - Oh man, I wouldn't want to be the Bucs this week. ;) That face-plant the Saints offense had last week? Yeah...they're gonna light up the scoreboard by the Bay on this one. Saints 42 Bucs 17 UPDATE: The weather in TB will be crap today, 100% chance for rain. More of a slog than a track meet, but essentially the same outcome - passing game for both teams will be negatively effected, but the Saints can run the ball, and stop the run when they're on defense; the Bucs on the other hand....so, revised score: Saints 34 Bucs 13

    Giants @ Redskins - Well, a few weeks ago, I would have called this an easy one for the home team, but now? With Sanchez at QB? Giants 17 Redskins 13

    Sunday Late Games:

    Bengals @ Chargers - ....anyone got a fork? I think Marvin will need it soon. Bungles 13 Chargers 31

    Broncos @ 49ers - Right. Broncos 24 9ers 9

    Lions @ Cardinals - Mediocre versus really bad? Check. Lions 23 Cards 13

    Eagles @ Cowboys - ...and it all comes back to earth in Arlington. Eagles 24 Cows 20

    Steelers @ Raiders - Look, even the Steelers can't screw this one up. Can they? Naaaawwwwww..... Steelers 34 Chucky's Comedy Tour 13


    Rams @ Bears - This game I WILL be watching. Should be a real interesting one, and I'm really hoping for the Bears to bounce back from last weeks head scratcher to lay an upset on the Rams. I think I get my wish, because the Rams don't do well against actual NFL-quality defenses, which they haven't seen many of this year. Rams 27 Bears 30


    Vikings @ Seahawks - 6-6-1 won't cut it in the NFC this season. And that's where the Vikes will be by late Monday night. The 'Hawks look like they'll be a possible contender for one more week.... Vikes 20 Seahawks 30


    More division winners will be settled this week...Pats, Texans, Bears, and Saints will secure division titles by the end of Monday evening; Saints will overtake the Rams for the #1 seed in the NFC (tie breaker goes to Saints).
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  4. dwm74


    Nov 8, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ
    Will be interesting to see if the Cards can build off their upset win in GB last week, or if they dwell on that as being the high point of the season, and get pummeled at home again.

    Either way, nobody will be watching.
  5. I don't think either team will be playing with much heart...both just playing out the string. I really hate seeing Larry Fitzgerald end his career this way, he deserved a ring. I was actually hoping that my guys would find a way to sign him last off season, because he's a guy I really respect, he's still a great player - if not as amazing as he was when he was younger, and it would have given him a legit shot at a ring.
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  6. dwm74


    Nov 8, 2009
    Phoenix, AZ
    Gosh, can you imagine Fitzgerald in his prime having Brees tossing it his way?

    His numbers are great considering he's only played with two good quarterbacks. Larry had Kurt Warner and then Carson Palmer as capable QBs. Other than those two, too many Derek Anderson clones and other no-names.
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  7. Trust me, I had many wet dreams about that combination over the years. Fitz is a legit HOFer, despite being on a whole lot of mediocre-to-bad teams. And, not many folks actually realize this fact, but did you know that Brees, in his entire time at NOLA has had ONE Pro Bowl receiver? One. Last season, Michael Thomas.

    That's IT.

    It would have been a match made in heaven for both players, IMO.
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  8. Gaolee

    Gaolee Official leathers tester and crash dummy

    I hope you are right about the Browns and Seahawks. The rest do not matter much to me.
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  9. Me too. After Atlanta & Dallas, Carolina and Minnesota are my two least favorite teams, and anything bad that happens to them is good. ;) That goes double for Atlanta and Carolina, since they're in the same division as my Saints. :D
  10. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Seattle is going to destroy Minnesota Monday night.
    It's too late for Seattle to win the division, but not too late to go to the Super Bowl.
    The Rams won't beat Seattle three times in one season if they meet in the playoffs. The Saints might be able to beat Seattle, and probably have the best chance, but that Seattle running game is coming into it's own just in time to wear down the clock and defenses. Two things you have to do in the playoffs.

  11. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    It's amazing how the attitude toward the Broncos has turned around in Denver. There is much hope to make the playoffs, and a fairly easy schedule for the next three weeks prior to the season-end game vs. the Chargers. Bad news is that the Broncos' top cornerback Chris Harris is out for at least three weeks with a hairline leg fracture. Whoever fills in will be the top target for the passing offenses they face.

    Make the playoffs, and Vance Johnson is assured of year 3. Fail, and if they win at least 9, I bet he's still good.

    Packers? I'm always a big fan of Rodgers, but that team has too may injuries and has been playing like they don't care. Better luck next year.

    Seahawks? They're making it interesting.
  12. Gaolee

    Gaolee Official leathers tester and crash dummy

    The last piece of Seattle's puzzle is the offensive line. They seem to have one of those this season. Go figure. What they don't have is the lock-down defense they had before. If they can run the ball and eat time, then they don't need as good a defense, so all could be well. Russell Wilson seems to be getting his magic back, too. They have played the Rams as tough as anybody has this year. Maybe three times IS the charm if it comes to that. I don't think Brees would have any problem turning Seattle's defense into jello. Unless the Brees who failed to show up on Monday also fails to show up. Plus Beast Quake. We haven't had anything like that for a while, but Carson seems like he's got it in him.

    The Browns had some growing pains last week. It won't be the last of their growing pains and it isn't the first. They seem to be getting somewhere for a change. It's a start.
  13. The 'Hawks still have to make it into the post season first, and that's not a given, although they're going to just truck the Vikes.

    I agree that Seattle has what it might take to knock out the Rams. We know NOLA does. ;) Here's the two issues between the Seahawks and the SB - both involve the fact that they'd have to go through NOLA to get there: the 12th man would belong to the Saints for a change (if any place could be as loud as Seattle, it's NOLA); and the NOLA D is the #1 (by 10 yards per game over the Bears) rushing defense, if any team can slow down/negate the Seattle rushing game, it's the Saints. While the Saints DB's are suspect, their front 7 is NOT, as witnessed by 13 sacks in the past 2 games (yeah, the Saints defense! Tied at 37 with the Bears, the Cardinals and Packers lead the NFC with 38 each. They're tied for #4 in the NFL right now, trailing the Steelers by 4 sacks :eek: ).

    What is going to surprise a lot of people that aren't really paying attention this season is this: if the Saints win the SB (and I think they will), it will be at least as much because of the defense in NOLA as it is the offense. But, as usual, the MSM narrative is all about the offenses - and just to really rattle cages, that Saints offense is now tied for #1 in scoring with the Rams at 419 points, and that's after only scoring 10 last Thursday night.

    To paraphrase what I heard some talking head say over the weekend:

    ...everyone is focused on the fact that the Saints lost. What they're not seeing is the fact that the offense played the worst game of the Brees/Payton era, on the road, and only lost by 3 points. That should be terrifying every other team in the NFL.
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  14. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    I don't disagree with your points.
    Russell Wilson will make plays. He doesn't have the cannon or precision of Brees, but he has the feet and will to make plays when there is absolutely nothing there.
    Wilson also has some sneaky good receivers, and a big time speed burner who only needs a half a step and he is gone.
    If Seattle gets in and finds their way to the Superdome for a showdown with NOLA, that there is going to be the Super Bowl.
    All the football awesomeness aside, two great men as well. I don't watch much NFL these days, but I would set aside time to watch Wilson and Brees.

  15. Uh...the Rams LOST to NOLA. Just sayin'. ;) (Yeah, the 'Hawks played the Rams tough, just not quite tough enough.)

    That would be Thursday, not Monday. :) But yeah, don't count on him doing that again...not to mention, the 'Hawks D is not as good as the Cows. Or the Saints D for that matter...which leads to....

    See my post above: Saints have the #1 rushing defense this year. "Beast Quake" was 9 years ago and a whole different set of circumstances for both teams. Carson is good. The Seattle rushing game is good. It isn't enough, however, if you pay attention to the Saints D the past two years. As for the Saints offense, it is a lot more complicated than "stopping Brees" these days. For example, kudos to the 'Hawks, leading the NFL with 148 yards per game...but be aware that the Saints offense, while putting up excellent numbers in the passing game (#11, 269 yards per game; the real eye-popping number is efficiency, Brees is still killing it with a 74.5% completion rating), also are the #9 rushing offense with 127 yards per game. EDIT: oh yeah...the Saints offense also leads the NFL in rushing TD's with 19, 2 more than the Rams. And they have Drew Brees. Don't be frightened. Be very, very afraid. ;)

    I agree, there's hope there. I have a feeling that if they can solidify their coaching situation (Gregg Williams is NOT the long-term answer), they will be driving the Steelers fans nuts for years to come.
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  16. No argument, Wilson can do some impressive stuff with his feet, but the trick is having the time for him to do so.

    Saints TOP: #3, 32:19/game
    Seahawks TOP: #13, 30:52/game

    Both guys are really good people too, agreed. Would be a great matchup, but I'm betting it will be Rams @ Saints in the NFCCG....
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  17. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Speaking of Seahawks and Saints, this is one of my favorite You Tube videos ever...(be sure the sound is one before you watch/listen)

  18. ...note the uncalled unsportsmanship/taunting penalty when he jumps into the endzone grabbing his crotch. :rollno: Keep it classy, Marshawn.

    Anyhow, again, that was 9 years and two totally different teams ago.
  19. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    Don't be surprised if McCarthy shows up as the Browns' next head coach. If that happens, they gain credibility immediately.
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  20. Won't surprise me one bit if that happens.

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