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NFreeBD Jazz Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 10cc, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Spinal Tapper

    Spinal Tapper

    Nov 15, 2007
    Free? Very cool.

    The tuners could be Hipshot replacements (I believe they re-issue'd the lollipops). Or they're from a 66-68 Jazz. Do the original pickups work? How does it play?
  2. 10cc


    Oct 28, 2013
    They say fender and are pitted, pretty old looking. The original pups are very very weak. Two pots are shorted out pretty bad as well. The action is way high. But I'm hopeful that it'll come back from my man right.
    If I have to drop some money in it it'll be worth it in the end.
  3. MobileHolmes

    MobileHolmes I used to be BassoP

    Nov 4, 2006
    I would be leery of that neck split, but not on a free bass
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  4. 10cc


    Oct 28, 2013
    I'm hoping for a fix. Probably have to replace the first fret wood.
  5. Smoove-Groove

    Smoove-Groove We've got bush, We've got bush!

    Jun 18, 2013
    Ontario, Canada
    A perfect match for your 360!
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  6. Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Supporting Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    Can't wait to see how this turns out! Go dagger!
  7. 10cc


    Oct 28, 2013
    Looks like I'll have about $200-$300 invested into the "Dagger" once all the repairs are completed. We are gonna be able to fix the split. Also we are gonna be trying to save the pups and pots since they are original. Pups re wound and if the pots clean up save them as well. Bridge will be replaced as mentioned before. The truss rod functions so that's a major plus. Anyhow not too bad for an old beat up seventies Jazz.

    Had this dagger given to me years ago and it's just been tucked away in my gun safe. Figuring that I'll never need a dagger it was a good item to offer up for a trade. One dagger for one bass.
  8. 10cc


    Oct 28, 2013
    Gonna be picking up McDagger today. We were able to have the pups rewound and other issues fixed can't wait! Gonna have about $350 in this thing. So I'm pretty happy. I'll hit the thread with more details and pics later today.
  9. johnson79


    Jan 8, 2010
    Lancaster, PA
    Sweet score! Glad they're able to repair it and keep it original!
  10. 10cc


    Oct 28, 2013
    Just got back. Wow it turned out great. Fixed crack in the neck. New old bridge (replaced Badass II), saved the pups and electronics, new jack, frets dressed, complete set up, also new bone nut. $350 all I have into it now and it plays and sounds as it should.
    One question I do have is. How come I have serial number on the neck plate that reads 368xxx (which according to the charts found online say a 72) but I also read that fender didn't go to the three bolt neck in 74 or 75? What gives?
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  11. grrg63


    Dec 14, 2005
    Glad it could be saved, looks great. How did they fix that split?

    Hey, is that a 470 head? I have one that I bought for $35 years ago. I love it.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
  12. Dave Hill

    Dave Hill Supporting Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    This thing plays and sounds awesome! Congrats 10cc!

    Another P man going to the J side?!?
  13. 10cc


    Oct 28, 2013
    I'm pretty sure they glued and pressed it back together then capped it off with a new nut. You can barely see it, but can not feel it at all.

    No 470 but 370's. Gotta a band mate with a 470. I use at rehearsals basically the same head though
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