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One Bass to do it all?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Dr. Cheese, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. nonohmic

    nonohmic Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 2005
    ABQ, NM.
    Who is that and what is his bass?
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  2. Miles_ONeal

    Miles_ONeal Supporting Member

    Dec 1, 2017
    Round Rock, TX
    Just wear all three, and shove them in and out of the way as needed. 8^)
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  3. Erich Bruning

    Erich Bruning

    Nov 25, 2003
    I keep thinking I would love to find "the one", and am somewhat jealous of those who have one that does it for them. I have one that I fall back on more than others; my '89 Jazz Bass Special. It is just a great balance of everything I want. Then, there is my MIM P-bass with EMG Geezer pickups and TI flats for that fat sound, my Carvin SB5000F for fretless grooving (man I love that bass when solo jamming), and my Fender P-bass Lyte, which is super light weight and a joy to play for extended periods, even with its super thin neck.

    Maybe one day...
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  4. DanGR


    Jan 2, 2012
    Grand Rapids MI
    THE Swiss Army knife of basses. Hands down!
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  5. picker1974


    Feb 5, 2012
    Someone may have mentioned it already but I personally think a Sting Ray can cover a lot of ground. Even my cheap Sterling SUB Series is pretty versatile.
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  6. pedulla-2007

    pedulla-2007 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2008
    Sorry, I guess only us old guys know this famous bassist, when you get a chance google "David Hungate" or rock band "TOTO". He is one of the founding members of one of the most famous rock bands in musical history. Rumor has it he became tired of touring after many years, and became a first call or second call bassist, along with session great Michael Rhodes in Nashville. His name is in the credits of countless Country recording artists. In that particular picture he is backing up Country artist Vince Gill, Alvin Lee and Elvis Presley's lead guitarist whose name escapes me at the moment, at a "Crossroads" guitar festival sponsored by Eric Clapton. His choice of money makers is an Alien Audio bass.
  7. depends on your genre and personal taste. I used to let others including guitar players steer me to one bass or another. Finally reached a place after much trial and error, where I feel comfortable playing a bass that covers most tonal variations, as well as ease of play. I like passive vs active/preamp, no boxes and minimal tone controls on guitar and amp. I like the sound of my current bass. Is it 100%? No but the search for better is a narrow field at this point and maybe only a custom might fill that spot. I also like my fretless for that different sound and feel. Playing fretless makes me listen to the notes closer and tone matters. I think a more thoughtful player??
  8. Deaj


    Aug 15, 2004
    Kingston, WA
    Though I've owned some quite versatile basses over the years (a Roscoe LG 4 string bass w/ Bartolini electronics and pickups & and two EBMM Bongo 4HH basses w/ 4-band EQ are the standouts) a 4-string P/J is still the first one I grab when versatility is needed.

    This particular bass is one I built using USA Custom Guitars medium lightweight alder 'Dinky-J' body and flame maple / flame maple neck (built using the dimensions and profile of the Bongo 4-string necks), Nordstrand active/passive electronics with a passive master tone control, three band active EQ w/ mid frequency shift switch, and two volume controls (one for each pickup). The pickups are a custom wound late 50's type P-Bass pickup (with Nordstrand NP4 covers - those rounded edges are a welcomed improvement over the sharp edges & corner on the Fender P-Bass pickup covers) and a Nordstrand Big Single bridge pickup (instead of a traditional Jazz bass bridge pickup). The Big Single sounds offers a very similar snap, fast attack, and tight bass as a Jazz Bass bridge pickup, with a thicker tone, and a better output level match to the P-Bass pickup. It's a long ways from a traditional P/J but it does the late 50's P-Bass sound as well as any bass that cops that tone (in passive mode), Does the Jazz Bass bridge pickup sound in a way that better suits my ears, and does the P/J thing as well as any I've owned and used in the past. It's a very versatile bass even when used in passive mode only. The active preamp is icing on the cake.
  9. Sonicfrog

    Sonicfrog Supporting Member

    Jan 4, 2008
    Fresno, CA
    I have several basses, but I'm getting everything I need from my trusty used $200.00 Peavey first gen Fury....

    God's!!! I love that bass!!!;
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  10. Dr. Cheese

    Dr. Cheese Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    That is a great point about room acoustics.
  11. MovinTarget


    Jan 30, 2018
    Maryland, USA
    Basses have the added advantage of not being terribly jealous (and dangerous) if ya can't pick just one... ;)
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  12. David Silva

    David Silva

    May 4, 2017
  13. Conrad romeo

    Conrad romeo

    Jun 17, 2018
    Recently purchased the new Duff McKagan signature Deluxe P basses it looks and sounds awesome quickly become my number one Bass
  14. Conrad romeo

    Conrad romeo

    Jun 17, 2018
    Recently purchased a Duff McKagan signature Deluxe P Bass gloss black itlooks and sounds awesome she's got my number one Bass
  15. Conrad romeo

    Conrad romeo

    Jun 17, 2018
    Recently purchased a Duff mckagen signature Deluxe P bass in gloss black. It become my go-to number one Bass. Like Duff I use both pickups everything turned up balls to the wall. My Guitar player changes guitars for different songs and textures I'm good with playing one bass guitar
  16. somebrains

    somebrains Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2017
    I wanna hear a clip of that bass.
    Big singles have kinda ruined me for normal J pickups. I really like my Bigmans bc you can go mm+s or s+mm along with parallel/series for a ton of distinctly different tones.

    10% overwound Fralins are what's in my go to J5 and they're crazy fun.

    They wouldn't go well with a P like the nordstrand.
  17. Kevin Colt

    Kevin Colt

    Feb 9, 2015
    Bokeelia, Fl.
    I have at least 7 different basses that i rotate on a regular basis. i couldn't imaging selling any of them. i sold an epiphone embassy standard IV to a friend and instantly regretted it (along with GK 400 and an Ampeg 1-15 cab that sounded great). i had to go buy another epiphone. the amp didn't bother me as much as the bass.
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  18. Kevin Colt

    Kevin Colt

    Feb 9, 2015
    Bokeelia, Fl.
    I had a 59 p and had to sell it during hard times. wish i had that one back.
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  19. TheBlueFalcon


    Sep 17, 2009
    Even funnier if you imagine Jack Black saying it, Tenacious D style!!
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  20. zoltar


    Feb 11, 2008
    I think You are very right. I have 4 also. My Fender Jazz is my major one that I use 75% of the time. I use my Fender Jazz fretless 10% of the time and usually I will sometimes use it in studio recording. I also have a Gibson Thunderbird so if I need humbucker tone I'll have it and I have an acoustic electric Hofner I use primarily to play if I don't go somewhere to plug into anything. I just love playoing the one that feels tghe best in my hands and that I have set up for hearing the tones I want to hear.
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