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Palatino Megathread part I

Discussion in 'Electric Upright Basses (EUB's) [DB]' started by Nohandles, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Hey,

    Lets share info about our Palatino's? I'll start I love mine and so far I plan to use it on stage. For the money and the few improvements I've made its a great bass.
  2. ingo62


    Mar 15, 2005
    Emden, Germany

    why not! I got mine from Germany ebay two weeks ago. :)

    Ehm, what improvements did you apply?

  3. 5stringDNA


    Oct 10, 2002
    Englewood, CO
    Palatino makes electric uprights now??? :confused: Is this the wrong category?
    You will be hardpressed to find happy Palatino owners on this site though btw.
  4. Although it came out of the box set up really well the first thing I did was put it together to see what I had. Out of the box first impression, it had a pretty good sound. I've read a lot of threads that were completely opposite of what I found. I ordered some De'Addario Hybrids. While waiting I experimented with my K&K pre amp. I found if you turn the tone control almost all the way to the treble side turn down the volume on the bass and turn up the bass amp then regulate the bass with the pre amp it sounds really close to an acoustic. In fact I told my wife to listen to some new stuff I was working on and then used all 3 of my basses and she could not tell me which was which. Until I told her. Then she could here the electric, jazz thin body and the full sized bass. After putting on the De'Addarios you could really hear a great improvement. The next thing I will do is make a new bridge for it. I don't like the string spacing and I believe there is to much of the bridge adjusters extended. The thing I want is a new bag for it the one that is with it is really not so nice. As I make improvements I will post them.
    In answer to the other post YES Palatino doe's make an electric. It is the VE500.
  5. legodud


    Jan 6, 2006
    what kind of k&k?
    did you get light, med, or heavy strings and also what price?
  6. I have a K&K called; The Power Pack $72.00 plus shipping
    The strings are heavy. 104 Free shipping.
    I always use heavy since most of my playing is unamplified and I find less effort to get the (Sound I want) from the bass.
  7. Hermes


    Dec 9, 2005
    Thanks for the tip on the amp setup, Nohandles. That does sound better all right. I didn't like the sound of the preamp with a headset. Other than a high action which my local Palatino dealer fixed, it's pretty playable. I second the motion for a Palatino club.
  8. Well this weekend I made 3 new bridges with 3 different transmission points. The first one had the same configuration as the one provided with wider feet. The second has 3 feet. and the third one has individual hieght adjustment for each string and wider feet. The next thing it to play them and see if my theories are correct. The verdect is out with acceptation that one of then will give me more than I presently have. I have been reasoning out how the sound travels assisted by amplification and hope to help it sound even more acoustic. By the way I though I should edit this post to explain that the third leg is adjustable. I want to see if by adjusting the pressure in the middle I can increase sound output.

    I'll keep you all posted as I begin to work it all out!
  9. Sheraton


    Sep 12, 2002
    KL, Malaysia
    Hi All... I bought a Palatino from Shanghai last oct. After few modification it sounds like a king:

    1) Change the stock strings to Pirastro Flexocor Stark
    2) Damped the ringing tailpiece!
    3) Forget about the stock pickup and install a Bassmax.

    If u like other "wing-slot" pickup sound you can try it. I have a Revolution SOLO but it already installed in my ES1. The bassmax gave the EUB more natural thump sound instead of the stock pickup had too much of mwah to my ears.

    Have Fun!

  10. G'Day Folks and Happy New Year to All,

    Purchased my Palatino VE-500 locally Last November 2005, for AU$1025 instead of Suggested Retail AU$1299 which is somewhat more expensive than the USA price of $695 considering the exchange rate should make it about AU$900.
    Our government has a habit of double dipping where possible with taxes!!!
    So, I was reluctant to spend too much more money on this Bass to bring it up to speed and I was resonably happy with the sound out of the bag, just a little thin in tonal quality.
    So what to do...I first decided to get a Behringer Sustain\ Compression Pedal new for about $40 it did improve the sound but that low E note still did'nt ring right. It was like there was too much harshness being transferred from strings through the bridge to the transducer. So Soften it!!!!

    WELL!!! My wife had just bought a roll of.....THIN... anti skid rubber matting for the kitchen draws, about $2 for 1.5 metres, this is the same stuff you put on the car dashboard to stop your glasses from slipping off.
    I took out the bridge on the bass, gently lifted up the piezo pickup, cut a piece of this rubber grip mat to fit inside the full length and width of the block, cut a slit in the middle to the middle to accomadate the piezo lead, put the pickup back in its place and decided to also put a small pieces under each foot of the bridge to cushion the pickup.
    Put it all back together, retuned, plugged into the Amp..........
    WOW!!!!! What a difference!!!!!!!
    Full WOOOD TONES ,,,, even increased the Volume, and the Tone control now has a full tonal sweep from DEEP to TREBLE but without the Harshness. I even removed the rubber sponge I had under the tail peice, nor do I use the Sustain Pedal.....well I haven't tried it since adding the rubber mat....might try it again but I doubt if it could improve the GREAT Sound I'm Getting now. TOTAL COST.....What I used.............20cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Try it ....What have you got to Loose?
    Things to NOTE FIRST.....
    1..Take notice which way the bridge is facing as the shape of the bridge is important. in the middle of the bridge is an S shape design. On mine the bottom tail of the "S" points to the low E string.
    2.. The FEET of the bridge...Which is Left and Right and which way they are facing.
    If you don't put it back correctly the bridge will have a twisted efect because the bridge has been designed to lean back slightly with its feet flat on the pickup..(leaning towards the tailpeice.) I also have my bridge fully lowered, but this may not suit your style so just experiment.....
    Good Luck if you try this and hope yours will sound as good!

    SeeYa, LUKE
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  11. Hi Francois,

    I thought it had gone through, must have hit the wrong button.

    Check it now, have just done it again!!
    regards, Luke
  12. Perfect, Luke!
    Is this your first upright bass?

    Did you change the stock strings on your Palatino?

  13. You're on the ball, Francois, (meaning you're quick!)

    I had an accoustic upright some 20 years ago but gave it up because it had a terrible action and the bridge was shaved down as far as it could. In addition I have a fairly small hand span and those necks are very large.
    It wasn't utill these Palatino's came out with a much finer neck, I found I could Play them easily and with reasonable speed and the portability was another major plus, no more extra flight seat costs, being to afraid to transport in the hold of an aircraft.

    Answer re Strings:
    They are the origional as supplied with the Palatino, but I think they shipped them with the (optional) better quality strings. These are very smooth almost feel as though they have a transparent coating. Simillar to the Black nylon coated tube strings I use on my Godin A4 Fretless, but clear.
    As I said in my modification tip I wasn't keen on spending too much more money, and as a set of quality strings are around 200$AU, I may as well have purchased a dearer EUB, which is what saddens me with some of the other members who are spending all this extra money to get the right sound.
    I really do hope my suggestion works for others and it is the sound they to are after as I am so pleased with this Bass now.
    You really cannot beat it for looks, it's what EUB's should look like and not a Baseball or cricket bat with strings or as they say a Slab!
    Thanks for your intrest Francois,
    Best wishes to you and your team,
  14. soundwavelove


    Oct 8, 2005

    What's wrong with the spaceing? too slim or too wide?. Wouldn't you have to change the nut too in order to really change the spaceing?
  15. Well, I have had my Palatino for a few weeks now. First of all, I would like to thank all of you that posted messages about your experiences with these instruments. That information was of a great help to me. I must be one of the lucky ones. Mine arrived in good condition. All I had to do was install the bridge and tune it up. Then knowing that the tailpiece was going to resonate, I went to my wife for help. She gave me a piece of felt. I cut out a section that was about 3 inches wide and 3 feet long. I rolled that up and placed it behind the the tailpiece. No more ringing and it looks good too! Its a nice dark green color. I ordered new strings next. Medium Hybrids. They came today. 93 bucks and free shipping. Several big differences. They are heavier than the original strings and harder on the left hand than the originals. Maybe I should have bought light weights. They are also slightly larger in diameter than the originals but I did not have to alter the bridge or nut to handle them. The sound is very different. Now I have a nice double bass thump instead of a fretless electric sound. I play thru a GK micro bass amp. Love it. Almost forgot. I did have to make the E string opening in the tailpiece slightly bigger to accomodate the Hybrid string. Not a big deal. So, all in all, I'm happy with my Palatino. Been playing bass guitar for 40 years but this is my first upright since dance band in high school! Palatino owners club is a great idea ! Lets keep it going.......
  16. No you don't have to change the spacing at the nut. It is just fine the problem in at the bridge. It measures only 7/8 at the end of the fret board. My acoustics measures 1 and 1/32 at the end of the bridge, There is plenty of space on the fretboard to widen the spacing.
  17. Hi Bass players,

    Are wa club or not? Lets keep the postings coming or give it up. I'm sure there must be a lot of people with a Palitino by now. Keep it or let it die.
  18. gfred


    Jan 5, 2006
    Wichita, Kansas
    Yes, I went and bought a Palatino, and Yes, I am quite surprised by its sound.
    No, Its not an Upright Acoustic,(Look at the size of it), but yes, it is acoustic, and yes, it does have a very good acoustic quality that, Yes, rivals EUBs' at 3xs to 4xs the price.
    We all better watch with respect the Chinese. I remember as a kid the adults scoffing at the 'Made In Japan' mark on so many products, and look at them today.
    My VE-5 turned out fine, after searching for reviews that weren't there and crossing my fingers,I got mine for under $600.00 new-(I can tell your where, if anyone is interested), and it immediatly started making me money. I have a popsicle EUB also (the brand starts with a "B"), a fine bass, but you have to plug it in to define its tone. The VEs' tone is evident out of the crate. Like it or not, the chinese have made an acoustic electric upright bass that not only sounds marketable, but looks great. Sound holes would have been nice if placed correctly, but probably would have compromised the structural integrity of the instrument, seeing as how its built, and which i have heard can be hit or miss. I heard of a few necks cracked off & fixed, so be careful with your baby.
    But for the !st time out, our chinese brothers haven't done bad! And what will they bring out in the future? Look at the price of an Aria EUB!
    Does it naturally project like my Kay? Of course not. Compare the sizes. Does my Kay swing up on my back, out the door & into my car as easy as my 'V'? Of course not. Can I approximate the sound of my Kay easier with my 'V' than my 'B' bass? Yes!

    Any way, heres my wish list






    I've made a couple of different bouts to approximate the width of a actual upright, because my wrist needs that support, and a very light weight stand (out of an old guitar stand) that seems to work pretty well and stable.
    I hope you guys keep this 'Palatino Club' going, because I thought I was the only one impressed by this thing. Good to find I'm not alone.
  19. Replaced the factory strings with D'Addario Hybrid mediums. Too stiff and hard on the left hand. Tried a set of Eurosonics. No way. Just as stiff as the D'Addarios and every movement of my fingers could be heard thru my amp. Put on a set of D'Addario hybrid lights. Just right. Super upright sound. Easy to slap. Easy on the hands and no finger noise.:hyper:

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