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peavey bvx 115 problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by magadeath998, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. magadeath998

    magadeath998 Guest

    Oct 28, 2003
    i just bought a peavey full stack max 700 head tvx 410 and a bvx 115 i got it home and i noticed that when i played on the low be string it makes a clicking sound so i brought it back and the tech guy kept it for about a week and then said it was fine and that the 15 just couldnt handle the low b and told me that i should cut the hole bigger and put a 18 in it and that would fix it so i wanted to know if anyone else has had that problem and if putting a 18 in a 15 box would work or if i need to cut the port bigger or another one or if this is evan a good idea
    any help would be apreciated


  2. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Terrific Twister

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Did you buy the gear new, or used?

    According to the Peavey website, the 115BVX can handle down to 30 Hz, which is where the low B hangs out. I own a 215 cabinet with the same Black Widow speakers, and they handle the low B just fine.

    I would highly recommend against cutting a hole in your cabinet.

  3. ChenNuts44


    Nov 18, 2001
    Davenport, IA
    The tech is an asshat. As for whether or not the cab will handle a low B, I really don't know. However, DO NOT alter that cab. It was designed for that speaker, and will probably sound bad if you were just throw any old 15" (or 18" for that matter) speaker in it's place. Last, that "clicking" sound could be any number of things. Perhaps you could enlighten us on the details of your entire rig (bass and anything that's in the signal chain). Cut the hole bigger...:meh:
  4. PV Black widow 1-15s DO handle the low B. Even the old ones. What kind of a crack pot is your tech.?
  5. I agree with everyone else. Don't alter the cabinet. I had both of those Peavey cabs, and they both handled a Low B...and sounded great. I would still be using those cabs if they weren't so heavy. You may have a bad woofer that may need to be replaced but I don't recommend putting an 18 in a cab designed for a 15.
  6. magadeath998

    magadeath998 Guest

    Oct 28, 2003
    yes i bought it all new i play a yamaha rbx 775 and sometimes i use a flanger and a boss overdrive but usualy i play clean the place i bought it froms tech said he called peavey and they said to put the 18 in it
  7. Peavey said to put an 18 in it? I highly doubt that. Seeing how it's new, bring it back and ask for another cabinet. That's what I would do. Just make sure that you get an 8ohm cab, not 4. You want the total ohm load to be 4 ohms, so 8 ohms for each cab. Maybe you should call Peavey yourself and see what they say.
  8. magadeath998

    magadeath998 Guest

    Oct 28, 2003
    right now both cabs are 4 ohms so i get the full 700 watts the head is suposed to be able to handle it i sent peavey an e-mail yesterday so ill see what they say :meh:
  9. Whoa! Hold your horses there! Why does he need to get 8 ohm cabs? The Max 700 (like its predecessor the Firebass 700 and most of the larger Peavey heads through the years) is rated down to 2 ohms, and most likely he's got 4 ohm cabs (just a guess, mind you). Anyway, that's what I would have chosen if presented with the option. The "clicking" sound he describes could be any number of things, but since it doesn't seem to come out of the 4 x 10, perhaps due to some defect the voice coil in the 1 x 15 is jumping out of the gap, or maybe the grill is simply loose and vibrating at certain freqs. Not enough info. But that advice from the tech about Peavey recommending he modify the cab? Gimme a break! I've got a Peavey 115 BX-BW (the BVX's predecessor) with probably the same driver (Model 1502) that handles the low B fine, although I have overdriven it to the point of it farting out (coil jumping out of the gap). It wasn't destroyed or anything, though.
  10. Alright, I stand corrected on the max 700. I didn't realize it's capable of handling a 2 ohm load. Disregard what I said.
  11. 1. Are you using the bi-amp feature?

    2. If so what are your cross-over settings?

    3. What are your EQ settings?

    4. Gain and volume settings?

    All of these things will factor into the over-all performance of your setup. If you could answer these questions people will have a better idea of what to suggest to you. It could also be that you have something defective somewhere and in that case you could single things out one at a time (ie; try each speaker by its self with the head) and see if you can isolate the specific issue.
  12. magadeath998

    magadeath998 Guest

    Oct 28, 2003
    ya they are both the 4 ohm cabs and its definetly only the 115 that has the problem i dont think you can bi amp it the pre gain is at 6 the volume is at 7 the lows are at 0 mids are at -2 highs at 1 right now, the only way to make it not click is to turn the lows and the pregain almost all the way dowm
  13. I'm going under the presumption that you have one speaker (each) plugged into each of the (2) outlets on the back of your amp and your bass plugged into the input with the "active" pad disabled. Also, turn all the volume knobs on your bass all the way up, and conversely, set all EQ knobs on the bass to center. Then try the following settings on the amplifier:

    First- Turn all volume knobs on the amplifier down!

    Second- Set the EQ completely flat (put everything straight up like 12 noon).

    Third- Disengage any of the "boost" (punch, bright, etc...) switches. These boost your signal at pre-determined frequencies.

    Fourth- Turn on (or enable) the DDT protection circuit.

    Fifth- Turn the "master" volume control to around 8 (or approx 3/4, 7-8 tenths of the way up, etc...).

    Sixth- Turn the "pre" knob up until you reach the desired volume level (ie; how loud you want to be).

    I have found this "gain structure" setting to work very well on Peavey amplifiers that I have owned (YMMV). After you do these things you can then start making EQ adjustments. The EQ section is very powerful and can dramatically alter your sound. A little will go a looooong way, especially with the contour knob. You can also make further tone adjustments on your bass. Let us know if this helps.
  14. rok51

    rok51 Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2002
    Crawfordville, FL
    Okay, bi-amping the Max 700 is not possible without another power amp. That amp is incredibly robust, doubt it's your problem. I have used the Peavey 410TX/115BW BX (ancestors of your speakers) for a decade. They kick butt and sound a lot better than some "big name" cabinets that cost more. If the "clicking" is coming only from the 115 cabinet, I would suspect that you have a faulty voice coil. The cabinet could have been dropped in transit and the voice coil dislodged in the gap. This could cause a "clicking" sound as the voice coil rubbed during excursion. I can guarantee you that you have some great cabinets...and they will do you proud for years. I just think your dealer needs to get you a replacement basket for your 115.
    BTW...having dealt with Peavey and their techs for nearly 30 years, I can also guaranty you that no one at Peavey suggested that you "cut the hole bigger and put an 18" speaker in it".
    If I were you, I'd call Peavey at 1-800-821-7779...Aubrey Fulton's a good contact...and let them know what your "tech" said-and what dealer he worked for. That kind of misinformation needs to be stopped at the source. I sincerely doubt that you will find as large a company as Peavey that is as honestly concerned with your satisfaction as they are. Although I have other gear in my "arsenal", I still will always give Peavey first crack at supplying whatever I need. They are that good.

  15. octobresk1


    Mar 24, 2006
    I own the Peavey TVX 210 and BVX 115 with the Max 700 head running at 2 ohms for the full power of 700 watts at 2 ohms. I have not experienced any problems playing the low B string. In fact my band measure red plays in drop C and my bass guitar is adjusted to have the B string to be drop A.

    Trust me the BVX 115 sounds killer! I love my Peavey and it sounds much better than what I was getting with my other Ampeg cabs.

    Rule of thumb try to keep the head and cabs mated with the same brand cause I was running the Max 700 with my ampeg cab and now that I run it with the Peavey TVX 210 and BVX 115 it sounds huge and clear. I can make it growl but I am so impressed at how clear the tone can sound. It has a Line 6 pod pro xt running through the effects loop and I can dial up any sort of tube like sound. Peavey rocks and its worth it.

  16. I use a peavey 4x10 TFX and 2x15 D BW cabs, and neither have any problem with a low B (using either my Peavey Firebass or Ampeg SVT-II amp heads)

    - Will
  17. Thats a pile of bull, using my peavey cabs with my SVT sound immense, so, :spit:
  18. lug


    Feb 11, 2005
    League City, Tx
    another option is to return the 1X15 and go with two 4X10 TVX's. They put out an insane amount of bottom for a 4X10.
  19. octobresk1


    Mar 24, 2006

    I used the Max 700 head with my ampeg 410 and the steve bailey two 8's and inverted 15 and I didn't like the sound. It is common sense to mate the gear with same brand but it doesn't have to be that way obviously. Next time you tell someone Bull you should look in the mirror and reflect on the bull you spit out.

    Keep the subject on the gear and keep it adult.


    ~ Chris
  20. I am, that combination ma not have worked for you, but using that as a blanket statement claiming that you shouldnt mix and max amp heads and cabs is just pretentious and being full of it

    To a certain degree, makers will voice amps to match thier cabs, but that by no means makes it the be all and end all

    And telling me to keep it adult, dood? grow up . . .