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practice amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by spats, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Hi folks!

    can anybody recommend a good, small amp that would do justice to my eb3?
    It's for bedroom use only but I still want a decent sound!
    Any ideas?

  2. bongomania

    bongomania Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 17, 2005
    PDX, OR
    owner, OVNIFX and OVNILabs
    What's your budget? Are there any used-gear shops near you?
  3. HT Paul

    HT Paul

    Mar 3, 2008
    Acoustic B20, available at Guitar Center only. Price runs from $120-150 depending on the sale of the moment. Good little amp really, nice full tone, hardly even feels like a practice amp at all.
  4. could I get anything decent for around $200?
  5. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Re-read post #3.
  6. shatterd


    Feb 24, 2008
    I've been really surprised with my Line 6 Lowdown 110 Studio. It's 75 watts. You can get all kinds of sounds from it. It's a little 12 inch cube style amp. It sounds really good for it's size. I highly recommend it. I just bought a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0, but still use my Lowdown for most of my practice. P.S...it also has direct out, so it could be used for recording or any gig supported by a PA. It's louder than it looks too!!
  7. WoodyJ

    WoodyJ Supporting Member

    Jul 29, 2008
    Atlanta, GA
    I had a Gallien-Krueger Backline 110 that was a great sounding little practice amp. It was pretty loud and very clean for just being 70 watts.

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