Precarious situation?

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  1. Got a new Mesa Subway 115 yesterday. I would like to pair it with my Rumble 115 cab.

    I have the Mesa sitting on top of the Rumble. The feet on the Mesa are almost completely making contact with the Rumble cab. Maybe a millimeter or is/are peeking over the edge. I played this setup at Sweetwater before I left with it. I had it at a pretty loud level for a few minutes and I didn't notice any shifting.

    I placed the Rumble on top of the Mesa and the feet of the Rumble hand over the sides of the Meds... But not by much at all. I was just thinking that the Mesa being on top (with it's feet contacting the Rumble) would be more secure than the Rumble "straddling" the Mesa with the feet not making contact at all.

    I'd like your guys thoughts/suggestions.

    Many thanks!

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  2. basscooker

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    Here is a solution;

    First pic, the basic idea


    Next, in use


    Obviously you would need it quite a bit larger. Put feet on it where they need to be to make good contact with the bottom cab. I use mine so I have a flat surface for a laptop, interface, phone, etc.

    I used Plasti-dip in a spray can for a bit of extra grip and vibration deterrent.
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  3. Al Kraft

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    Simple, elegant solution....very nice!
  4. QweziRider

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    I've relocated or added feet in the past to make the overhang go away.
  5. Thanks for your replies.

    I'm not understanding the first post.

    Second post: I really don't want to drill holes in the cab to relocate the feet.
  6. DigitalMan

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  7. Al Kraft

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    Then look at the first post again,'s brilliant. It's a board that is larger than the amp it's sitting on to allow the amp you'll place on it to have its feet 100% on the board. To keep it in place and keep things from tipping , there is a cut-out around the handle.
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  8. agedhorse

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    Just use a plywood spacer the thickness of the feet so that the bottom of the top cabinet rests on the top of the plywood and the top of the bottom cabinet rests on the plywood.

    Pro audio guys deal with this sort of thing all the time, a workbox usually has a drawer full of various audio spacer devices (painted black)
  9. If you are pushing it hard with a big amp you want the cab with the least oomph on top, the better to hear it beginning to struggle before you blow it up.
  10. AudioTaper


    Sep 23, 2018
    Super easy... sell the Rumble and buy another Mesa
  11. Kukulkan61

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    Hmmm..I like my set up, works great and I feel the thump alot better, 15 on top of the 12 :bassist: 20180519_183010.jpg
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  12. jeff62

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    no need to relocate feet, just add two more. No harm, no foul. It’s the easiest fix. And yes, I’ve done it. :)
  13. Al Kraft

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    May 2, 2016
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    I've done that too and didn't even think to suggest it...great idea, just wish I'd remembered it to pass along!
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  14. I'm thick... obviously. What do you mean?
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  15. Al Kraft

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    I think the suggestion is to buy additional identical rubber feet and screw them in closer to the middle of the cabinet so they are within the footprint you need. Won't hurt a thing.
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  16. A bit of a crack-idea but i would take the feet off and use some extra strong velcro around the entire bottom perimeter.
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  17. Killing Floor

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    Why not turn the Mesa cab on the side? Then you have no worry about anything sliding off. I'm sure you can relocate the logo if that matters. Since it is square all 4 sides are the same.
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  18. Agree here.

    4 small drill holes on the bottom and repositioned rubber feet will not detract from aesthetics nor value. You can always put feet back to original position and use a tire plug kit to fill the other holes. Trim. Good as new.

    The first option above is also a great idea.
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  19. Looks like a matching Subway 12 on the bottom, iirc power handling is more or less the same but with a sensitivity deficit to the 15. Much less to worry about than a Rumble V Subway.
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  20. two fingers

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    My first thought is that the Rumble cab is way outclassed here. Are you even hearing it on the bottom with that Subway on top? I bet if you unplugged the Rumble cab you wouldn't notice a huge difference.

    Either way, if you try to get the Rumble cab to hang with the Subway, you'll end up blowing it. I would put it on top so you can hear it begging for mercy before it gives up.

    Short version. Your rig is now mismatched. Any "solution" will be a "precarious situation" in my view.
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