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    Another anonymous original poster asking questions about an anonymous company yet they somehow expect very detailed and specific answers......
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    Jul 14, 2019
    Hey! If you had read the earlier comments you would have seen that my questions had already been answered. 99% of the other comments have been either irrelevant to what I wrote or just being simply cocky and pretentious, or both like yours :)
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    Try another manufacturer.
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    For me, I built up a reputation describing compressors on my site, so when I came out with my own, I gave it a "review" along similar lines to my other reviews. Which is of course bogus in one sense, because _obviously_ I'd give it a positive review, but I did my best to describe it honestly. In fact I went to some length to avoid using language that might be taken as hype or puffery. Man if there's one thing I hate, it's all the pedal ad copy crowing about the magical perfection of their unique design. So I ended up kinda shooting myself in the foot, in terms of competitive marketing. And even then, a few people have decided I must be full of crap just on principle.

    Apart from marketing though, there is some language that people generally seem to understand when talking about compressors. Strength, squish, limiting, smoothing, fattening, thick, clean, fast, slow, sustain, noisy, etc. In reality none of those words have specific standardized meanings, but they're what we've got--and they seem to convey the basic gist well enough.
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