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Rig for super deep lows.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by theAntihero, May 9, 2010.

  1. theAntihero


    May 9, 2010
    I am posting this for my not online bassist and hopefully you guys can help.

    My bassist is going to be replacing his entire amp rig, right now he is using a Behringer 4x10 paper coned combo. He plays an EB-0 strung with flatwounds and uses octave down a bit with it as well. Sometimes there is an 8 string and a violin bass thrown into the mix as well.

    Basically what he needs is this:

    Lots o' Headroom: He doesnt neccesarily need more volume he just needs lots more headroom. He is tired of running out of headroom so we are talking 1500w or more.

    Lots o' Lowend: He very rarely ventures above 100hz. Boomy is fine as long as it isnt rattly mud. He doesnt downtune though so EADG is all we are talking about here.

    So what would you guys recommend for lots of low end and headroom? Any cabs out there that can handle lots of lows at higher volumes?
  2. hrgiger


    Jan 11, 2009
    Check out the Big Cabs Club in my sig there are lots of guys playing cabs that rattle the teeth and by extension they use lots of different amps to get the sort of power you are talking about. One guy over there - "Metal Matt" - might just know exactly what type of sound you guys are looking for...:cool:
  3. Jaco who?

    Jaco who?

    May 20, 2008
    Read up on the fEarfull 3015lf cabs. Two (or one, if you're being realistic here) with a Carvin B2000. Done.

    Don at LDS can build them.
  4. Ric5

    Ric5 Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 29, 2008
    I grow organic carrots and they are not for sale
    Super deep lows come with PA support and 18" subwoofers.
  5. Jazzdogg

    Jazzdogg Less barking, more wagging!

    Jul 29, 2006
    San Diego, CA

  6. ?????

    Even an open E ventures well above 100hz

    Anyway...........I play mostly 4 string myself, tuned down a half step.

    I use a carvin B1500 into a Mesa RR2X15 reloaded with Eminence 3015's.

    Plenty of low end, and lots of headroom.
  7. theAntihero


    May 9, 2010
    Im kinda just going by whenever ive had to mix him or when hes using a graphic EQ, boosted below 100hz and cut above.
  8. Jefenator

    Jefenator Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2008
    +1 Acme

    1500 watts would be about right for their 4x10. That would be an impressive improvement.
  9. I know a local guy who was working on some really deep cabs.

    link to his facebook photo

    If you reached out to him, I am sure he would love nothing more than to talk about them.
  10. theAntihero


    May 9, 2010
    Im confused, they say that their 4x10 is comfortable with amps around 1000w, yet they say they are rated at 700w and you say that they can handle 1500w. :confused:
  11. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Total Hyper-Elite Member Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    ... might as well be playing a 3-string. His G string isn't getting much use.

    Anyway, if he gets a system that won't go up to at least 2Khz, he's losing all the overtones that define the note to a human ear, and mud is indeed what he will get.
  12. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Total Hyper-Elite Member Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    700 watts continuous, 1,500 watts peak. EAW likes to have their cabs powered by amps with 1.5 to 2 times the rated power of the cab.
  13. theAntihero


    May 9, 2010
    Hmm, so unlike guitar cabs, overpowering some bass cabs is ok?
  14. babebambi


    Jan 7, 2008
    If that's really what he wants, then just run the bass into a sub.

    But I really doubt it's actually the case, so these
    (the Omni15 has lots of bass)
  15. edwinhurwitz

    edwinhurwitz Supporting Member

    May 13, 2003
    Boulder, CO
    Endorsing Artist: DR Strings, SMS
    Meyer 650-P. You haven't listed a price consideration, so this is the biggest most fearsome low end I've played through. Downsides are: heavy, big, expensive. He'll probably need a cabinet on top to cover the non-sub frequencies, but whatever he's using now will suffice. It will change his concept of low end.
  16. theAntihero


    May 9, 2010

    Yeah that looks a bit big for him to move about. I didnt really post a budget because basically if its spectacular he'll save up and go for it as long as its way better than something decently priced.

    Thanks for all the responses so far. The Acme cabs look great, definetly looking into them more. Out of curiosity how well made are Carvin cabs? The specs look...well too good to be true. He's kinda thinking about the B2000 with a BR118N-8 and a BRX10.4 Neo as long as they are willing to load with 8 ohm neo's instead of 4's, if not the BR410. That will give him 1300w with the added bonus of getting more wattage if he adds some more cabs.

    Is there any other super high powered amps out there? The Nuke is high wattage but so far i havent read much good about it.
  17. Destructobot


    Jul 22, 2008
    Tell him to worry more about cabs than amps. I bet a good horn loaded passive sub crossed over to a 4x10 would be just about perfect even with "only" 700-1000w.

    Also, an EB-0 is one of the muddier sounding basses out there. If he wanted more clarity, something like a jazz or even a P bass would have crisper edges to the notes.
  18. theAntihero


    May 9, 2010
    He's really not looking for clarity, more for boom with added boom. The few times he is looking for something a bit clearer he uses his 8 String or a kit P-bass with roundwounds on it or even his violin bass.
  19. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    no, no it's not. overpowering bass cabs is never ok. they'll blow just like any.
  20. R Baer

    R Baer Commercial User

    Jun 5, 2008
    President, Baer Amplification
    You might want to have him look into the Ashdown 900 EVOIII with their 810 cab. That amp has a built it octave effect that excels at really deep lows.

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