Sire M7 Tuning Pegs

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    Aug 14, 2018
    I bought a Sire M7 (5-str) in 2016 and since then have had two different tuning pegs pop. One popped a year ago and one popped last week. The first one was within my warranty, and this most recent one Sire was more than helpful to ship out a replacement anyway.

    Sire said that they rarely encounter customers having any issue with their tuning pegs, so I seem to be the fluke, but I am easy with my equipment, normal use and wear, and I take care of it. I change my strings probably every couple of months. Now that this has happened to me twice in 1 year, I'm looking to replace them all with a better quality set so hopefully I don't pop another peg during a sound check prior to a gig :(

    My question is, does anyone have an M7 with aftermarket tuning pegs, if so what are you using? Or are all tuning pegs created equal and I can just pick out any good set for a 5-string bass and replace them?

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
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    There are numerous tuners that will fit that bass. The Gotoh GB 350, Hipshot Ultralite (USA), Schaller M4 90, to name a few. All will fit and all three mentioned are quality tuners.
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    Aug 14, 2018
    Thanks Kathy.
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  4. Ah ! I had a tuning peg that broke a few months after buying my vintage V7 right during first string set change. I think it happens more than they're willing to admit OR people don't report it and just change the tuners (like I actually did before selling the bass but not just because of the tuners).