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Small vibration when playing... small question.

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by Inconnu, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hi !

    I just got my first upright bass last weekend (been playing the electric bass for 15 years). I got a nice instrument at a well renowned local luthier's shop.

    I'm going to call him about this but I just wondered if someone here could give me a cue on that. When I play some note in pizz with a fairly hard attack, 'specially the open G string, I get a small metallic vibration. The vibration seems to be coming from that small metallic device attatching the tailpiece to the pin. I gently tied a sock (don't laugh) around it and the vibration stopped.

    Do I need to take the instrument to the luthier for a small tweaking ? Is it a normal vibration that has to be correctected by a small device that looks less silly then a tied sock ? Is my fairly hard attack potentially too hard ?

    Thanks !

    (and by the way, thanks for the advice on buying a new instrument... I love my czech uright overall !)
  2. Shouldn't be a big deal to remedy, as it's just loose somplace and buzzing. Your luthier should be able to either fix it with no problem, or worst case scenario is he replaces it with a higher quality piece. Either way, not much cost. Plus a new piece might improve you sound a little...
  3. Thanks !
    I talked to my luthier after posting here. He'll check it out. I was just wondering if I could try something by myself but it seems I rather not, in the world of double basses...