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  1. bca8556


    Feb 5, 2014
    Hello, I am new to Talk Bass and joined primarily to ask a question...

    I recently had issues with my Eden Nemesis 212 320watt combo and brought it to a tech. He told me that the speakers were worn and I should look to replace them. I want to get something really good without absolutely destroying my budget.

    Im looking for punch, thump, and something clean. (Gospel, mixed modern, funk, and slapping) I have a 12channel Eq and I like my technique so Im bassing the rest on the speaker.

    The tech recommended Peavey Black Widow 12" 8 ohm 200watt ea. He is also a Peavey dealer and Im a skeptic.

    >What are my best options for upgrading my speakers
    (Eminence, Celestrion, GK, Peavey) - Can I put JBLs or EVs in a bass Combo?

    Where can I find unbiased reviews online

    I have read through countless threads/posts and cant find what Im looking for so please help. Most of what I searched just beat around the bush.
  2. Well no beating around the bush, the combo's cabinet interior size and porting (if any) has to meet the requirements of the replacement speaker. G-K builds their own speakers and does not publish T/S specs so no way to tell if the combo's box and port tuning will match up.
    You may be able to match (possibly re-port) for others mentioned. Black Widows are decent speakers but I don't know personally if they will get along in that combo's cab.
    Any speaker without going through the matching process can be a drop and go or a drop and blow.
  3. It's not difficult to measure your box and porting. Eminence publish pdf docs for all their bass drivers. You can compare your box to theirs. Many TB members have rule of thumb tunings for many different drivers, but your combo isn't well known. You will get some help if you measure it. Port tubes are much easier to mod than shelf ports.

    WinISd is a free design programme. It's not entirely accurate but close enough. You plug in your box and the driver and it will show you a performance graph. This tells you if it's workable in the low end. The tone in the mids is a personal preference thing which can't be predicted either way.
  4. KJP1990


    Jan 23, 2013
    How do you know if its workible in the low-end?
  5. Depends on what low end tone you want. 4 string vs 5. Big 60hz is all I would shoot for, maybe only 80hz. The resulting excursion vs frequency graph tells you if you'll exceed xmax at full power. It also tells you port velocity, 12 m/s iirc is beginning of chuffing.
  6. bca8556


    Feb 5, 2014
    So, replacing a worn Eden speaker with a 12" 8ohm 200watt sub woofer by EV wont necessarily do the trick? The tech told me that the Peavey BW would work with my set up. I have never been a fan of Peavey but maybe its time I give them a shot? Most of what Ive read on TB has not knocked the system. However, there is not a lot praising them either.....
  7. Unless your "tech" is versed in cabinet design, I would take his recommendations with a grain of salt.

    Cabs are designed around the specific parameters of the speaker being used.

    The best speakers for your cab are the ones in there now. Replace or recone.