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Spector Euro pre swap

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by marsquake, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. I'm about to replace a Tone Pump (w/trim-pot) in a Euro 4LX with a 9V HAZ. I know I'll have to enlarge the pot holes a bit, but if anyone else has done what I'm about to, how did you remove the tone-pump? It looks like it's glued in. I don't want to destroy it or the bass body by ripping or chiseling it out? Any tricks?

    Also, I've been told it's not too bad a job and you can use wire plug(s) instead of soldering the connections....thoughts on that?

  2. Wanker_Joe


    Sep 26, 2017
    I did similar surgery on my Rebop. I just carefully pried the tone pump out with a screwdriver (it was also stuck in place with a kind of putty or epoxy or something). It didn't cause any damage (actually came off pretty cleanly). In my case my replacement was an EMG BQC preamp. I also had to enlarge my pot holes. It was kind of horrifying lol. I soldered rather than use the wire plugs myself. The job actually wasn't too hard all in all.
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  3. It feels like it’s stuck on pretty good, but with a small flat head screwdriver if you slowly pry the Tonepump away from the body it eventually loosens and then is easy to remove.
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