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Sterling by Music Man SUB Ray4 and Ray5

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by RyanJD, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    Did you guys hear about these basses yet? I didn't see a thread on them.


    There was a review in the last issue of BP Magazine. It got the editor's choice award or something.
    The hook is that these are sub $300 MM basses.
    I think I'm gonna buy one on day one 'cause I've never had a MM style bass before.

    I actually e-mailed the guy who's address is shown at the bottom of the ad.
    I asked him when they were coming out, the prices and some other things. This was his reply:

    I have a feeling these are gonna give the Squiers a run for their money! ;)
  2. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    Also from the guy whose name is on the ad...

  3. I've been reading some really good things about the QC on the SUB's. Good review in the most recent Bass Player mag. I'm wondering if they have cut corners on the electronics. I have one of the first run of SUB with two band active, and it is absolutely a killer bass, those must be the same electronics they put in the other USA models. BP said the new electronics are "close" and will "give you the impression" of a 'Ray, whatever that means.
  4. Yeah. But when?
  5. quarryman


    Sep 14, 2008
    Interested for sure!!! Any suggestions for pickup upgrades?
  6. parsons


    Feb 22, 2008
    There was a thread on here somewhere about the new SUBs. There's also a thread on the Ernie ball website if you guys are interested.
  7. They out yet?

    Nevermind.. I actually read the thread after posting.
  8. Tupac


    May 5, 2011
    September??? They promised March/April at NAM.
  9. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    Yeah, what's up with that. I want one of these! ^^
  10. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
  11. I'm still waiting to hear what the nut width on these new SUBS will be too. Hoping for 38mm like the Ray34ca's.
  12. Staccato

    Staccato Low End Advocate

    Aug 14, 2009
    There's a review of the Ray4-BK on p. 62 of the Bass Player's May issue that just hit the mailbox. The neck looks fast, and no doubt the preamp will cut through the mix. Though I'm not looking for a bass in this price range, it will be interesting read about a shootout with any Fender basses at the same street price from other Talkbass members.

    The wood is jabon, and there's practically no information describing it on the web, from my research. The maple neck, and Indonesian build are both positives in my book.
  13. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    Oh yeah, as soon as these come out, I'm swapping my back-up Squier for one of these.
    I need a bass with 21 frets again.
  14. BillMason

    BillMason Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2007
    Why a shoot out with Fender basses? They're completely different things. I'd much rather read a review or comparison with a real Sting Ray.
  15. thobie


    Sep 4, 2011
    if i could own one of these i could be content never spending more than five hundred on a bass, and ill cover all my "basses"! ahahaha me likes the pun
  16. Darnell Jones

    Darnell Jones Banned

    Aug 29, 2011
    the body woods and the level of hardware are where we saved. These will be made in the same factory, line as the SBMM premium line. We have a lot of experience "behind the scenes" and really have great relationships with the best parts makers and suppliers.

    The body woods and hardware on the premium line have to cost less than $100 wholesale in quantity if not much less. If that is the only savings I wouldn't expect the premium models to be more than $20 or $30 bucks more.
  17. Yes, it's really about the operating costs where labor is the biggest chunk. That and also possibly taking down the profit margins a bit to get more market share from Squire.
  18. Darnell Jones

    Darnell Jones Banned

    Aug 29, 2011
    Labor costs should be identical. I think your guess about profit margins may be more accurate ;)
  19. DanHibiki


    Apr 16, 2008
    I think both comparisons are valid. You want to know if it sounds like a StingRay and at the same time how good its quality is at its price point, which will compete with some Fender offerings (mainly the Squier line, but some Modern Players are close too) even if they are completely different sounding instruments.

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