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  1. Jimmy Jazz

    Jimmy Jazz

    Oct 23, 2006
    hey alls -

    i'm a junior in high school, ive played bass guitar just 3 years - but im actually halfway decent, i started playing piano when i was 5, so i had the whole music side down, i just need to learn bass technique really... i live with my parents and get summer jobs, so all the money goes towards recording equipment - anyone who's ever set up a low-end home studio, any advice would be great... im always open to advice on anything, so dont be afraid to tell me when im being an idiot, please. i really believe in being musically and technically diverse - if there's a studio gig that's offering big bucks for an hour's playing, i don't want to miss out on it just because i'd never listened to, say, jazz fusion before. most of what i learn, i learn on the internet or from my saxophone teacher - i've never taken bass lessons. i cant stand reading music, but i have a good ear. thank you for any help.

  2. joninjapan


    Aug 13, 2003
    Tokyo, Japan
    Welcome to the zoo!
    Sounds like you have a good beginning, I also got serious about bass in high school... many moons ago. I am sure you will enjoy this place a lot.
    Since you have a good musical background you need to keep that up.
    some musical things you'll never regret:

    If you can find a teacher, take some lessons.
    Listen to all the music you can. (from classic to punk)
    Never give up on reading music. (you want to work in a studio right?)
    Keep playing the other instruments you learned.
    Ask questions. (especially "How do you do that?")

    A low end studio can mean many things, todays computers can do amazing things. (I use my iBook as a studio) In the "old" days my TASCAM 4 track cassette recorder did the trick.... still have it.

    Search the boards here, you'll find more answers than you'll know what to do with.:eyebrow:
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