Taming shrill treble/evening out sound

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  1. I have an issue with recording slap bass (just like everyone else). I've noticed when a lot of people slap, their tone is a rounded "full spectrum" tone where the low notes are the same volume as the higher notes, but they have a different presence in the top end than I can get.

    And yes, the player's hands make tone etc. etc. I'm 100% behind that. I'm mostly having issues compressing my signal so that it sounds even across the spectrum, but retaining and compressing a lot of treble in the signal so that it doesn't tear your eardrums to pieces.

    I've attached a clip of Wojtek Pilichowski playing at BPL a few weeks ago. His tone demonstrates the general idea of what I'm going for. You can hear that it is fundamentally even throughout the spectrum (the low notes sound 'as loud' as the high notes), but his top end has a LOT of treble without being harsh or shrill. Check the 11:00 mark, it's more evident during the chorus:

    Where do I need to start? I'm playing a Sterling HH through an MXR M87 compressor and Shuttle MAX 6.0. I'm not looking to buy more gear, just learn how to properly use what I have and the recording software I use (Reaper).
  2. frnjplayer


    Feb 3, 2014
    Are you going direct or are you micing a cabinet? You might find that micing will tame the treble a bit.
  3. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    check around for recording a bass with a multi-band compressor
    You can compress the highs different than the lows, or mids.
  4. I'm going direct. I don't have the ability to record from a cabinet in the room all of my music equipment is in, it's just too small.

    I'm going to look into a multiband compressor plugin now...

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